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Flickr'ed screensaver

The latest fun I'm having with Flickr is to save a bunch of favorites where my Mac uses them for its screensaver.

Riddle's Flickr favorites

For these purposes the definition of "favorite" is what looks good in the Ken Burns-style panning of the Mac screensaver. At the moment I'm favoring a lot of street art, squared circle shots, and other images with striking colors or textures. Not many portraits or landscapes. And I'm leaning heavily on Heather Champ and Lunaryuna among others.

So far saving the images is a manual process. What I'd like to do next is automate the grabbing of images from selected groups and streams so the screensaver can surprise me. Supposedly it can be done through the Flickr API but I'm not there yet.

art 2005.01.17 link