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Street logos and stencil graffiti

Stencil Graffiti and Street Logos are two books by UK-based graphic artist and graffiti documenter Tristan Manco. Stencil graffiti is a familiar genre but "street logos" was a new term to me. Here's how Manco describes artists working in the latter:

Fluent in branding and graphic imagery, they have been replacing tags with more personal logos and shifting from typographic to iconographic forms of communication. Subverted signs, spontaneous drawings, powerful symbols and curious characters represent an unstoppable worldwide outdoor gallery of free art.

The older book's accompanying webite has a good-sized stencil graffiti archive but there's nothing quite comparable on the street logos site. Both have extensive links pages to explore.

Tristan Manco: Stencil Graffiti Tristan Manco: Street Logos
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