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Schliefkevision in progress

Michael Schliefke has put up a series of photos showing the progress of one of his paintings.

Michael Schliefke: Party (in progress) Michael Schliefke: Party (in progress)

I was telling Michael once that although I'm a non-musician I know a bit about how it's done, which informs my enjoyment of it. But I know virtually nothing about painting. I had no idea that Michael's paintings emerge from squiggles and blobs like this. The effect was even more striking in a couple of other photo series he showed me once. In those cases, both the composition and the subject changed radically in the course of his work.

Maybe this is all entirely non-mysterious to anyone whose art education continued past the sixth grade.

In other news, half of the duo behind the Half Dead wheatpaste series has turned up on Flickr.

art 2005.05.04 link