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78 Monsters at Bouldin Creek

Travis Nichols has a small show up at Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse called 78 Monsters.

78 Monsters

I love Travis's cartoony art. This show features some of his recurring obsessions (like bunnies that reproduce by budding, and creatures that enjoy being eaten by other creatures) as well as new ones (36 of the monsters were letters and numbers). Bouldin was cool enough to let him decorate around his pieces directly on the walls. One of my companions bought the one with a guest monster appearance by Cherie Weaver. Fun! Through April 19th.

art 2006.03.26 link


Somewhat reminiscent of Hank the Hallucination, from Sam Hurt's comic strip Eyebeam circa 1985..... Then again, I'm in an Austin-nostalgic mood.

Scott McLemee [scott cxe mclemee punkto com] • 2006.03.31
That's really cool with the writing on the wall. Thanks for the heads up on this show!

football fan [batgirl00 cxe juno punkto com] • 2006.04.05
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