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EAST 2006

Once again, there's way too much on the East Austin Studio Tour to see, let alone to blog about. See my Flickr photo set for the handful of things I had the presence of mind to shoot.

Some perennial high points: the privilege of getting invited into Ryah Christensen and Sun McColgin's art-filled home at Pandora Studios; the usual suspects at Bolm (Michael Schliefke, Sodalitas, Cherie Weaver, Travis Nichols); the old Camp Fig crew reincarnated as Okay Mountain.

New to me this time around: Meg Stone's ink networks and Nick Nolte gnomes at Bolm; the Amazing Hancock Brothers' scary prints on fabric; Fred Tabares' mixed-media paintings at Painterly Handsomes; Chris Chappell and David Ohlerking's parallel play; and the way cool temporary space at Stacked Studios.

Stacked Studios temporary shipping-container art space, Novermber, 2006

Tomorrow I'm going to take the girls and go back!

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