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Austin Figurative Project show tonight

In a timely followup to EAST, Austin artist David Ohlerking has organized a large group show called the Austin Figurative Project: 30 artists paint the same models, with each model painted from the front, back, left and right by a different artist. It sounds like a terrific way to get to know a bunch of Austin painters at once. Some of the participants who've been on my radar include Felice House, Katy O'Connor, Ohlerking himself, and the usual suspects Chris Chappell and Michael Schliefke.

Tonight, Friday 11/24/06, from 7 to 10 at Gutterkitty Studios, 102 Krebs Lane (on South Congress opposite Ruta Maya).

If that's not enough collaboration for you, Ohlerking is also at work on an upcoming show with Chris Chappell in which they'll each offer their own views of the same subjects.

art 2006.11.24 link