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Friendly fraidycats at Fray Cafe

I had a lovely time at Fray Cafe 2 last night, hearing the interati of SXSW Interactive tell ostensibly true stories. Many thanks to the organizers for making it open to non-SXSWers. I was struck by how many obviously smart, beautiful, charming people had steady voices but trembling hands as they got up to tell their tales.

  Speaking of which: while I waited for an hour and a half at the wrong venue (Fray Cafe was inexplicably moved from Ruta Maya to the Hideout) and played guessing games about who the Fray people were (answer: nobody), I witnessed a very SXSW moment.

Coffeedrinker A: (Pointing at case) Is that a...?
Coffeedrinker B: (Pointing at case) Guitar?
Coffeedrinker A: Guitar?
Coffeedrinker B: Guitar, yeah, electric guitar.
Yep. People carry guitars around Austin when SXSW hits town.
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