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Bat stamps from Battown

Ooh -- bat stamps based on photos by Austin's own Merlin Tuttle!

austin 2002.10.03 link


is it true that one fourth of mammals are bats?

read that somewhere.

pat [patrick ARROBA fieldmethods PUNTO net] • 2002.10.05
Bats are my. absolute. favorite. If I were a stamp-collector, I would have peed my pants just now. Peed my pants, I tell you.

Anna • 2002.10.10
Then you should come to Austin, where bats are a local obsession and even a tourist attraction.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle ARROBA io PUNTO com] • 2002.10.11
yes, there are over 900 species of bats, about 25% of all mammal species. I haven't been to Austin since I lived there as a kid, but I'm coming back to see the bats of the Congress Avenue bridge!

cindy myers [cmsquare ARROBA earthlink PUNTO net] • 2002.10.12
I got those bats too! They are so lovely, esp. with the see-through ears. Anyway, the answer to the rebus is posted--thanks for swinging through!

KB • 2002.10.16
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