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"Art school flyer chumps die!"

You may have seen the prints of food (bread, meat, eggs) wheatpasted around town lately. Evidently these public artists have stepped on the toes of Austin's taggers. Here's a thrice-defaced billboard at the corner of 43rd and Guadalupe (click for larger pic):

Art school flyer chumps die, says billboard

If you look closely you'll see a large-format tag in blue and yellow with the wheatpasted prints on top of it, followed by a spray-painted message to the wheatpasters.

Personally I find the guerrilla art tradition of wheatpasting posters in public places much more interesting than tagging (and with fewer pesky "broken windows" associations as well). But I've gotta admit, when you cover up somebody else's stuff you should expect an angry response.

Update: Here are some of the food prints, these around the coffeeshop at 26th and Red River.

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