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Free Speech Radio 91.1 FM Austin

Has anybody else noticed the odd radio station at the evocative frequency of 91.1 FM? I discovered it via a small sign nailed to a telephone pole on North Lamar but I've picked it up in South Austin as well. I assume that it's a pirate micro station, since its station ID uses a rant against media monopolies and the FCC instead of call letters. Its self-description speaks of an "emergency broadcast" by "concerned patriots" "restoring the constitutional republic", "may God heal our country." Much of the content is different from what I would have expected from an Austin pirate station. None of it seems to be local, most of it coming from obscure "networks". So far I've heard a discussion of how to convert your IRA into rare coins and precious metals, biblical prophecy-thumping, and lots of ads for things like water filters, miracle dietary supplements and books on conspiracy theories. There was also a peculiar show ragging on Dubya which seemed thoroughly right-wing in its style and its focus on economic doom and gloom, while making points from the left about US foreign policy. And I haven't heard any music programming at all.

So is this the same band of lefty/liberal pirate broadcasters that the FCC shut down a couple of years ago? A libertarian/right pirate station? Or the elusive beast everyone's been talking about, a leftist answer to Rush packed in a familiar AM talk radio-style format? And what's with the constant ads?

Update, summer 2006: Nowadays I pick this station up in central Austin at 100.1 FM. A friend told me she heard a completely different pirate station one night playing F-word-laced hiphop at 91.1 FM but I haven't been able to verify that. There's a Radio Free Austin website at which curiously enough lists the schedule but no frequencies, one would assume for purposes of deniability.

austin 2003.07.07 link


I'll warn you to be careful about how much you say online about any illicit radio activities online. FCC Thug (aka Agent, like in the Matrix) Loyd Perry does internet searches to bust radio broadcasters so he won't have to get his fat ass out of his chair in Houston.

It does warm my heart to know that the people of Austin are taking to the airwaves again though. The summer of 2000 was the best summer of my life.

Former Radio Pirate from Austin • 2003.07.07
i listened to it some today. ranting about a new generation of nuclear warheads. I called in an 800 number they gave out. They answered as Genesis Communications. Said they were 90.1? in Round Rock, but didn't have a transmitter in Austin. I could pick the signal up (faintly) all the way to Bergstrom Airport.

anonymous • 2003.07.08
I guess it's not surprising that Genesis Communications doesn't know (or admit to knowing) about a pirate station. GCN is an above-ground organization and I'm sure has no desire to be liable for whatever rules 91.1 may be breaking.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2003.07.08
I found a little jewel for you today. Near Guadalupe and 51st, I found a sign on a telephone pole that says "HEAR THE TRUTH 91.1 Radio Free Austin".

Rob Kiser [rkiser8375 cxe aol punkto com] • 2003.07.14
Thanks, Rob. That's the same sign I saw a little further north on Lamar which alerted me to the station in the first place. I'm seeing more of them around town.

The more I listen, the more it appears to be broadcasting nothing but GCN programming. Has anybody heard anything else, beyond the promo breaks? That raises the question of why someone would risk the FCC ire just to repeat material from a network which is already available at least part of the day in the Austin area.

The GCN website says they're carried in Austin on KWNX 1260 AM. Comparing the KWNX schedule with the GCN schedule it looks like the main thing they have in common is the afternoon show from Alex Jones of Haven't I seen that website being pushed on Austin cable access? Didn't an Alex Jones rant feature in Richard Linklater's movie Waking Life? Does the Alex Jones connection explain the purpose of 91.1 or is it a red herring?

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2003.07.15
Today's recorded station ID says that someone named Mike Hanson will be at the SAXET Gun Show this weekend soliciting contributions toward more transmitters for the station. The name didn't ring a bell for me, but Google quickly turned up a Mike Hanson who ran in 2002 as a Republican for Travis County Commissioner, Precinct 4, although he called himself a "common-law Libertarian" and a "Ron Paul Republican". (He lost to Democrat Margaret Gómez.) He is described as "cameraman and television producer for popular radio host Alex Jones" on Jones' site.

Looks like a smoking gun to me, folks. If it's all as advertised, Free Speech Radio 91.1 appears to be a Mike Hanson/Alex Jones project.

Again, it seems odd to me that people in the for-profit broadcasting business and with electoral aspirations, no less, would risk getting in hot water with the FCC by playing so openly with pirate radio. Maybe they're trying to provoke a test case. Perhaps they believe they have found ways to limit their liability and the assets they put at risk. Dunno. I suppose I could always e-mail them and ask, or better yet, call in during one of their radio or cable programs.

By the way, another announcement I half-heard on 91.1 said that one/some/all (?) of the station's transmitters would go down for an indefinite period in July and then return at either 91.1 or 90.1 FM. Sounds like those of us whose curiosity is piqued should check both frequencies once in a while.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2003.07.19
It is troubling to me that a station at this frequency would have so many, many commericals. I know the FCC sucks, but still, this part of the spectrum was suppose to be commerical free. It taints any information that comes from this source and make it rather suspect.

Tonya [who cxe cares punkto net] • 2003.07.27
commercials and advertising is how a station makes money.

daniel [d_adamec cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2003.08.30
But Daniel, this is a pirate radio station. It can't be making money from the commercials unless the network is passing it a share of the sponsors' money, presumably opening the network up to conspiracy charges or something along those lines. I suppose it is possible that Alex Jones is making money, since he does constantly promote his videos and websites during his programs and seems circumstantially to be connected to the station. But the companies hawking water purification and dietary supplements and the like? Apparently they're getting free advertising.

Besides which, if Tonya is correct, then that spot on the frequency is supposed to be reserved for noncommercial stations only, which get their money from donations rather than ads.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2003.08.31
what's the smoking gun about alex jones and mike hanson? they've known each other for many years. they are friends.

alex doesn't make that much money. as much time as he spends telling people to buy his videos, he spends telling those people to make as many copies as they can, and pass them out.

daniel • 2003.09.01
Daniel, I'm not saying there's any secret to the relationship between Mike Hanson and Alex Jones. What I'm saying is that Mike Hanson's involvement in the station suggests that it's not a mere coincidence that Alex Jones is carried on it in addition to the rest of the GCN lineup; rather it suggests that Jones may be directly involved in the station. Which I find surprising since it's apparently an illegal pirate operation.

As for the money, I have no idea how much or little Jones makes, I was only saying that I doubt that any other advertisers are paying for their ads.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2003.09.01
ahh, so your main beef is the fact that it's a pirate station.

well, i personally don't mind, unless there's something i'm missing. i hear a lot of stuff there that i don't hear other places, that's largely ignored by stations owned by conglomerates.

i know alex works for the GCN radio networks, but how he is involved with 91.1 i don't know.

daniel • 2003.09.01

ROB [MILITANTTEXAN cxe AOL punkto COM] • 2004.04.06
ALCON, This is the only station in town that reports anything of substance (in my opinion).Especially The National Intell Report (4-6pm) in the afternoon.Looks like they are primarily shortwave radio re-xmissions & carry GCN programming most of the time.The shortwavers have only equipment costs, the radio guys have higher overhead, thus commercials & sponsors...They are spinning up a new network that will be "self sufficient" free from corporate control. 96.3 central, 90.1 North, 91.1 Bastrop (not verified)
For some of the rules on Micro Fm Stations & the FCC Rules go to

Fernando [fernando punkto arellano cxe tx punkto ngb punkto army punkto mil] • 2004.04.13
BTW, When you focus on "Right" "Left" "Libertarian" "Conservative" etc you miss the point. Anytime you start creating factions,you lose. Focus on the Truth and the message.

Fernando [fernando punkto arellano cxe tx punkto ngb punkto army punkto mil] • 2004.04.13
Folks, I hate to tell ya this but.....we have heard nothing but good things about Radio Free Austin! The station is similar to ours except we are legal. Radio Free Austin was even carrying our home spun talk show Jon Arthur Live! for a while. We at WXEI wish Radio Free Austin only the best but get Jon Arthur Live! back on the air!

WXEI 95.3 FM "The Talk Of Crestview!"

WXEI 95.3 FM [wxei cxe radio punkto fm] • 2004.05.30
Radio Free Austin is merely local individuals daring to transmit a collage of broadcasts from various networks and individuals (ie. John Stadmiller sp? out of Round Rock who is in a week or so starting his own network named Republic Broadcasting Network}. GCN is just one of those networks.

Radio Free Austin is the only radio venue in the Austin area broadcasting REALITY truly objectively away from the false left-right, liberal-neocon, demopublican-republicrat, communist-fascist illusion paradigm.

Government does NOT own airspace. Radio Free Austin statements clearly state that it is not under the jurisdiction of the FCC, and it attempts to the best of its ability to avoid transmitting over existing active frequencies, and if anyone has questions or concerns regarding its transmissions to call.

The FCC like the Federal Reserve has the opposite effect as was intended. It effectively promotes the corporate (specious federal government creation) monopolistic conglameration of media.

GCN and Alex Jones have no direct connection to Radio Free Austin.

Those with even a shred of a brain cell left in their skull that might be interested in waking up to true REALITY should listen to Radio Free Austin transmissions. Those transmissions are currently as follows:

FM 90.1 in Round Rock
FM 96.3 in north Austin
FM 90.1 in south Austin
FM 91.1 in Bastrop

Lately FM 100.1 (not mentioned on the Radio Free Austin statements, but transmitting same broadcasts) from somewhere in the west or northwest Austin area seems to have a fairly large coverage area - from far NE Travis Co. to south of the Colorado River and to near NW Austin area, and maybe more.

Many thanks to those brave individuals transmitting Radio Free Austin broadcasts from their own transmitters!

It is time for the sheeple slaves to WAKE UP.



For the sake of HUMANITY, and human individual sovereignty, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEEEASE, WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!

Sovereignty • 2004.06.09
I encourage your support of The Derry Brownfield Show (

Jeff Thomas [jthomas cxe learfield punkto com] • 2004.06.22
visit the website of an austin artist that has woken up

ismael cavazos [ismaelcavazos cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2004.07.03
I encourage everyone to listen to Alex Jones. I am a liberal and don't agree with him on everything. Moreoever - I fully appreciate that he isn't right on everything. If he is, however, even 10% right on things - then people in this country really do need to wake up. Even if you don't care about anything he talks about (though that's hard to imagine) - the show is highly entertaining.

Go Radio Free Austin!!!!!!
FCC be damned.

Stephanie [stephbrown45 cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2004.07.16
Thank you, Jeff Thomas, Ismael Cavazos, and Stephanie. Seeing your postings gives me more hope for us all.

Jeff, I listen to Derry Brownfield as well. He is truly entertainingly educational.

Ismael, your site is interesting, and the poli-toons are deeply witty. I like the hopeless 911 call in the shadow of the plane. Brilliant.

Stephanie, at one time I too considered myself a liberal. Once awakened, I found my convictions shifting to solidly libertarian. A few years later I realized that I had freed myself from the false liberal-conservative paradigm battle constantly keeping the masses separated.

A classic, comically disgusting example of that false liberal-conservative paradigm is Bill Clinton's dictatorial executive order of the late 1990's which dictated how we shall relieve ourselves by banning the sale of five-gallon toilets.

Neo-cons including Lush Limpjaw made fun of Clinton for that. Recently I reminded a neo-con acquaintance of mine of Clinton's five-gallone toilet ban, and we BOTH had a healthy laugh over that silly dictatorial order. When I informed him that his hero, the demonic, satan worshipping, skull and bonesman, Shrub has yet to rescind that five-gallon toilet banning order, he defended his Shrub by reminding me that the order was signed to conserve water.

He is so lost in his side of the liberal-neocon paradigm illusion that he didn't even see the dicatomy of his own reactions to the same dictatorial order.

I hope that you are not that far into the paradigm so as to lose sight of the fact that the upcoming neo-JFK is also a skull and bonesman.

To all: Please wake as many individuals as you can.

So far it seems like there might actually be a few million of us awake worldwide. We've only got a few BILLION more to go.

We've got a lot of work to do!

It's not much, but I am leaving little 4"x5" leaflets at grocery checkstands, fast food counter tops, and in gas station pumps credit card slots. On these leaflets are an image of one of the WTC towers with a clear shot of a demolition charge plume shooting out the side. Below that image is a statement of how that is reality, and a list of the Radio Free Austin stations and various web sites to access reality including Alex's, etc., John S.'s, Joyce and Dave's among others.

I have also made an eight hour video tape of which the first 38 minutes have revealing news clips from the day of 9/11/2001 including many video shots from FOX NEWS ITSELF showing the unmistakable demolition plumes from the WTC towers. The remainder of the tape is filled with Alex's 911 The Road to Tyranny, The Masters of Terror, and Police State 3. All excellent highly recommended videos.

I have made copies of that eight hour tape and given them to family and friends. Except for my mother and sister who are hopelessly lost in the neo-con con illusion, most are receptive to the tapes.

In fact one recipient said an acquaintance who is from India had negative emotions towards Arabs, due to the perpetual Pakistan-India conflict, and understandably was easy to accept the fraudulent "Arab terrorists" connection to 9/11. After viewing the first part of the tape she finally realized the reality of that fraud story belched out by the govt., regurgitated by the media, and eventually made history in the public fool system.

That same recipient has a few friends who also want to see the tape.

I am literally a nobody, and look how this nobody is affecting the awakening of just a few individuals. Just imagine how effective MILLIONS of us nobodies could be at saving humanity from indefinite perpetual tyrannical illusion induced GLOBAL SLAVERY!

All I do is print 8"x11" sheets which have four leaflets on each sheet. Those leaflets are produced in a labeling format which repeats the top-left leaflet four times on each sheet.

Make your own leaflets. At four per sheet, one sheet has the potential of waking at least four or more individuals.

Make copies of tapes. Pass them out. There are many tapes/DVD disks out there which irrefutably prove the reality of 9/11 and other fabricated events.

Like fire ants swarming a snake, we nobodies shall swarm the illusion slave master snakes until humanity is once again, TRULY FREE!

Sovereignty • 2004.07.17
things like radio free austin are about the only remaining vestibules of truth we have left. i know that the info is a little hard to take at some times but it's better to be frightened by the truth and know what we have to fear then not to nkow that anything is wrong at all. p.s. check out , and they are pretty cool!! elroy

me [elroy_clayton] • 2004.07.30
I just listened today for the first time to Jon Arthur Live! He is terrific....If you like Alex Jones....You'll absolutely Love Jon Arthur!!!!!!!!!! Tune in at 1 P.M. Central on It's the First Amendment Radio Network.

Chris Robin [chris cxe messagetalk punkto com] • 2004.08.10
Tune in to hear Jon Arthur!
I just listened to him for the first time today.......he's great. Listen at 1 p.m. Central. If you like Alex.....You'll Love Jon!

Chris Robin [chris cxe messagetalk punkto com] • 2004.08.10
If anyone in austin sees this there will be a "meeting at the docks" Oct 31 3 o'clock pease park. Please attend.

jeremy [jeremymoore15 cxe hotmail punkto com] • 2004.10.26
I would like to ask everyone to stop referry to the micro FM stations in Austin as "pirate radio."

Here is a quote from an email recently sent me to correct me on my using that term. Just call them "micro FM" or "low-power FM" . There is nothing whatsoever illegal or "priate" about them. I live in Austin and know Mike Hanson personally. Mike is an impeccably honest person and I know that he is not making any money on anything connected with the micro FM stations. Alex also is very very honest about money issues. I do not completely agree with Alex's entire modus operandi, but I do believe he has a greater grasp on the truth than most.

I never have been able to pick up any of the micro stations at home or in my car, but these stations are streamed at
Go there. It is a great site.

I suspect the reason many ads are heard on "Radio Free Austin" is that they are refeeding RBN and GCN and the refeed necessarily includes all of those networks' ads. I know one person in Austin who operates one of these stations and the person is very honest and makes zero money. The FCC thugs tried once (or maybe more times) to go to their door and shut it down. But that is against the law and we have a little network of people who rush to the scene with cell phones and video cameras (including Mike Hanson) and we were able to squelch these thugs and they went away. These federal employees are reluctant to identify themselves and operate just like the MAFIA.

We are losing the first amendment in this country and these brave people who operate these stations are true freedom fighters in the highest sense of the term. Alex Jones is using his own money to stop the stealth gradual destruction of the first amendment on our Austin Public Access TV stations. It was independent action that stopped the City and the Access TV board of directors members from their dialectic scheme, stopped them at least for the time being. The destruction of our Constitutional Republic, however, stealthily marches on. I am a Christian and I believe that I must fight in the way the bible recommends. Ephesians tells me I am to expose deeds of darkness (and exposing means naming names) and there is a verse in the Olt Testament that says that in the end the battle is the Lord's. So I do the best I can, but I do fight on the web with words, by calling in to radio and TV shows, by researching and contacting governmental entities, by showing up to protests, by getting signatures on recall petitions, and most indespensably and importantly by praying continually.

God bless us each and every one.

"Radio Free Austin mainly alternates between playing live GCN and RBN
feeds. Radio Free Austin is *not* a pirate station, but instead is a
micro-broadcasting station that breaks absolutely no laws since FCC
regulations state that the FCC only has jurisdiction for the 2 most
common reasons (and only known as far as I've been able to find):

1) The micro station takes over/causes interference with another
(especially important if it's over-riding a licensed station, in which
case if done on purpose, is then considered a pirate station)

2) The micro station is broadcasting across state lines (e.g. From
to the people's Republic of New Mexico or satan's state, Louisiana."

Archie [archiek1 cxe prodigy punkto net] • 2004.11.14
If it wears an eye patch like a pirate, limps around on its peg leg like a pirate and says "Arrrr" like a pirate, I'm going to call it a pirate.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2004.11.15
In the austin erea; 90.1, 96.3 100.1 FM. San Antonio 93.5FM also broadcast on AM, and shortwave, or online at Here is the TRUTH about The Powers That Be; Media,
Zionism, Taxes, Real Money, War, Laws,
Politicians vs. Politics, Terrorism, Power Elete and the world in detail. Governmental, industrial, and high-tech whistle blowers, researcher's testimonies, callin oppinions welcome. If you doubt ANYTHING you hear on this station DON'T disregard it, RESEARCH it like I did. It does'nt take long to get an overview of what is truly going on. If you disagree, fine, call in and voice your opinion. ALL opinions are more than welcome. If you can offer evidence of disinformation heard on this station then you are perticularly encouraged to call in at 1 800 313 9443. Toll free from any where in the world. I formaly chalange anyone to disprove anything they hear on this station to call the 800 number and use your 1st Amendment Right to free speach while you still have it. It won't be long before "We The People" loose our "Bill Of Rights". READ; UN Ajenda 21, PNAC (Project for the New American Century), FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas)IF NOT FOR GOD'S SAKE, THEN FOR YOUR OWN WAKE UP PEOPLE IT'S TIME TO GO TO WORK. 1776=2005/06

Say no to NWO • 2005.01.14
o the reason i listen to that sation is to laugh at all the 80"s esque hairbrane conspiracy theries like george w. bush is the head of an internatiol crime sydacate and he is usin america as a front for a criminal organazation? and how the united nations is really a trying to secretly invade th us and how fluride is some secrect communist plot? anybody who belives in tha crap should open THEIR eyes to the fact that they are a bucn of paranoid country hicks who live in concrete bunkers in the hillcounrty armed to the teeth with automatic weapons to protect them selves from black helicopters and goverment mind contol devises? what next are they going to say that there are underground russsian militey bases wich ar trasnmittin mind control broadcasts or that IRS is really a counterfeiting scheme that is supplyin money to the terriost cell in atlantis? jesus crist i never seen people who r bigger surivalist paranoid sterotypes in my entire life!

sircharels [kirksenseman cxe satx punkto rr punkto com] • 2005.01.29
its not a pirate radio station its just like every other talk radio exept for these people dont tell lies the speak the truth and if nots the truth they will follow what they said with this is just a theory not a fact

Travis [tcfco2005 cxe aol punkto com] • 2005.03.09
You people are NUTS! Thank God George W. Bush is our president! Jeb in 2008!!!!

texrunner [texrunner2000 cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2005.03.16
I've been suffering serious withdrawal from Radio Free Austin. I don't agree with everything on the station, but feel far more comfortable listening to radio hosts like Frank Whalen (Republic Broadcasting Network), Officer Jack McLamb and John Moore (the Planet X guy).
I have more faith in their analysis of the current U.S. geo/economic/political situation than any analysis I've seen on T.V. or heard on the mainstream radio.
Alex Jones is very entertaining. I'd love to see Alex Jones vs. Rush Limbaugh in a caged, tough-guy wrestling match.

Carolyn [cellisgo cxe prodigy punkto net] • 2005.03.20
May God Bless All The Patriots Across America That Are Exposing The Takeover Of This Sovereign Land! Tune into WXEI 95.3 FM
Listen to Jon Arthur Live!
Also, support the fine folks running Radio Free Austin!
Death To The New World Order....We Shall Prevail!

Jon Arthur [jonarthur cxe address punkto com] • 2005.03.28
I was listening to this station last night and about midnight or so IT WENT OFF THE AIR.

I was listening to Alex Jones.
I am afraid they were put in jail or something. I hope not.
I enjoyed listening to Jack Blood, Peter Schank and the Power Hour Show with Joyce Riley and Dave Von Keist and Gordon Law Hour.
Maybe the FCC busted their station.

Jennifer Schultz [martinezscout cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2005.04.02
Dateline, Austin, TX

John Stadtmiller, owner of Republic Broadcasting Network has just announced he is pulling all RBN-based programming from Radio Free Austin due to their decision to cancel “The Peter Principle,” a talk show by host Peter Shaenk for his views on illegal aliens. Mr. Shaenk’s program is based on the first amendment and has received wide notoriety for his views. Apparently so. Radio Free Austin’s action is suspicious since Mr. Shaenk is against the huge influx of illegals in this country as are most of his callers and guests. His talk show has weakened the knees of RFA and will now be without the entire RBN line up as a result. So long, RFA. You’ve shown your true colors. Enjoy those doughnut breakfasts being sent over by Clear Channel. In the meantime, Mr. Stadtmiller is pursuing the purchase of his own radio station. I applaud him and his efforts. It’s about time someone in charge has shown the courage and backbone to support an employee. The usual first response is to slay the innocent and reward the guilty. It doesn’t look that will happen this time around. Way to go, John. I’m with you all the way. RFA has lost another listener.


Dirthstar23 [dtongay cxe austin punkto rr punkto com] • 2005.04.07
RFA is just another commie front for what passes as free speech broadcasting. You want the truth? and the Vanguard News Network.

Whiteguy [floydmoist cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2005.04.10
There are three kinds of "Law". Natural Law, Devine Law, and Man's traditions. Any tradition or activity that violates GoodFaith defaults to Lawlessness. Micro-Casting is imperative thus Lawful, since lawless Corporations now crowd out less pro-active means for pressing issues to be publically heard. It is a prime Truth that, others can take your life, only you can forfeit your Freedom.

rebelforgod [rebelforgod cxe hotmail punkto com] • 2006.01.09
I was part of the original free radio before it got busted on valentine's day. It was a very sad moment in my life. Our show was called "The Brown Hour" , We played music mostly, our own songs fresh off the digital multi-track and other rock and groovy stuff. We would comment on current political issues and as fre radio was starting to grow as a louder voice we hunted down by the nazi FCC agent and had our right to free speech trampled underfoot.
Any voice that the government suppresses is a violation of our constitutional rights as americans.

esquile p jackson [freekradio2000 cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2006.01.10
Some of you people are really boneheads, especially the guy that said Jeb in 08. I listen to this radio station sometimes and its prety good, but very little about Austin. Most of yo libertarian conspiracy types need to get a life.

manlyman [borgjunk cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2006.01.28
Tune in to real Patriot Radio....WXEI 95.3 FM in Crestview, Florida. No censorship here! Home of the Jon Arthur Live! Radio Show.
Accept no imitations.....

WXEI 95.3 FM [wxei cxe radio punkto fm] • 2006.02.07
Um, it IS pirate radio, if it is unlicensed and plays commercials of any sort. The only "micro FM" stations allowable by law are educational, non-commercial radio stations. RFA plays commercials (both retransmitted from RBN and local "announcements" for political candidates and such) and therefore does not meet the definition. This makes them a pirate station, and illegal. Just because you're a nutjob and think you're spreding "the truth" doesn't mean the law doesn't apply to you.

tex • 2006.03.12
There is a new radio station in Oklahoma City that is broadcasting RFA at 107.1 FM. There is talk of another 4 signals going out in other Oklahoma regions. This is the reddest of the red states so it should be interesting to see the results. It's about time programming like this is accessable with out huddling in your garage with your short wave radio to your ear. Kudos to who ever put that station up!

Ralph • 2006.06.07
ralph is right. i listen to to the 107.1 broadcast every day. in this town (OKC), it's a major breath of fresh air, and a relief to know that there are such broadcasters.

John Farwell [zuma cxe zuma punkto theprawn punkto com] • 2006.07.04
As mentioned in an update at the top of this page, nowadays I listen to this right-wing incarnation of Radio Free Austin at 100.1 FM.

For amusing cognitive dissonance it's interesting to alternate between RFA and Air America on KOKE at 1600 AM. I've got buttons in the car set to switch between them when their infuriatingly frequent and repetitive ads come on. RFA and Air America are close to polar opposites on social issues but in close agreement on the war, if you omit the RFA wackos' theories about Dubya's complicity in 9/11. The two networks also have some similar ads -- they're both hawking gold like mad.

Unlike some of the other people on RFA/GCN, Alex Jones strikes me as closer to libertarian than a classic right-winger, although it's hard to say because he mostly avoids social issues. I'm tempted to call him up and ask what he thinks of the ads Phyllis Schlafly has been airing on GCN bashing the federal judiciary for supposedly pro-pornography decisions. Does Alex, who so often decries government jackboots, really want the feds telling us what we can read and watch in the name of decency? He's got some very strange bedfellows.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2006.07.23
I am happy to see people have discovered 91.1
Email me if you would like to support local radio. Austin is the last bastion of hope for Texas, and I think we should support these people who put themselves and their property out on the line to express their political beliefs.
The website to check out is
or you can go to and type in the search "KPWR" and find out more news. August 26th benefit party...respond back for more details.

BTB...listening to 100.1 this morning and go to and type in the search bar "NTSA"---what you will find is completely disturbing.

Liz Stevens [eryniqua cxe gmail punkto com] • 2006.08.15
Liz, thanks for stopping by! I'm now streaming KPWR and grooving to some nice jazz and Manu Chao. What part of town should I be able to hear it on the air? I live in central Austin but haven't managed to pick it up.

Am I correct that there are separate indie-hipster-left and libertarian-wacko-right groups which have been using some of the same frequencies over the years? In other words, the people I heard at 91.1 in 2003 now seem to be at 100.1. Right?

And as for your last cryptic point, what's disturbing about the NTSA auctioning off the scissors and knives that foolish travelers try to bring through airport security? Better that than sending them to a landfill. Or were you implying something else?

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2006.08.15
What is disturbing about confiscating property is that the government can create a terror threat and up homeland security so that they can control us. Hitler confiscated property from the Jews and turned around and sold them. That's fascism. The travellers are not entirely foolish, the only thing that makes them foolish is that they are allowing "homeland security" to infringe upon their rights. I just think it's funny that we are allowing the government to siphon all of our freedoms and we are being guided around like lambs. Perhaps it would be premature to rise up against the government. I guess I just want to pick a fight.
As for your comment on "libertarian-wacko..."
as my partner says, politics falls along a continuum.
If you think that your personal political beliefs do not touch those of the "libertarian-wacko right groups", you are probably wrong.
The difference between each side are our supposedly "strong moral convictions".

Liz Stevens [eryniqua cxe gmail punkto com] • 2006.08.16
Of the many sins that are being committed in the name of the War on Terra, I think confiscating nail clippers is pretty minor. When it comes to the NTSA specifically, I'm much more worried about things like the ill-defined and oversight-free terror watch lists.

No question, there are points on which I agree with the "libertarian-wacko-right" folks on 100.1. For the most part when you hear them talk about the war you would think you were listening to Pacifica or Air America. It's when they turn to domestic issues, immigration, religion, and 9-11 conspiracy theories that their wacko and right-wing sides come out.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2006.08.16
I greatly appreciate having free speech. This site reminds me of the scene in "Dr. Zhivago" (spelling?) in which the captive in chains escorted by Czarist soldiers shouts to the other passengers, "I am the only free man on this train! Look at yourselves, chained with outrageous ideas of right and wrong, slaves to others' teachings, unwilling to think for yourselves." (or something similar to that)
Wonderful radio and website!

Eddy • 2006.08.21
I've heard the broadcasts on 90.1, 96.3, and 100.1 MHz. They seem to be rogue/pirate transmitters, spewing nonsense like we've had for years in the shortwave bands.

The speakers' paranoid rantings are astounding -- they seem to be anti-EVERYthing, and I have yet to hear ANY suggestion of how to improve our communtities. With nothing constructive to offer and the incessant calls to dismantle everything that's been built up, the broadcasters are little more than armchair terrorists with big mouths and a microphone.

Although I'm a proponent of free speech, that gets trumped, here, by my deep hatred of stupidity.

Kevin • 2006.08.22
There is a station on the air occasionally at 95.1. It is playing really eclectic music from every genre. I dig it. You can hear it in SW Austin, near Sunset Valley.

Hazel Motes [hazelmotes cxe austin punkto rr punkto com] • 2006.09.05
Are you affiliated with Al Jazeera?

I agree with Kevin e-mail above ..
you are truly armchair terrorists..

Rod [rodau cxe starband punkto net] • 2006.10.03
Rod, I don't know who the "you" in that sentence is supposed to be, nor what that "you" supposedly has in common with Al-Jazeera, nor what qualifies any of the above as "armchair terrorism". If you're going to use my blog as a place to accuse people of things I wish you'd at least be a little clearer.

For the record, these pirate stations don't speak for me nor I for them. I do think some of what they say about the war makes sense, although that may be on the principle that even a broken clock is right twice a day. And I'm the opposite of a supporter of terrorism -- I think this war is a stupid idea precisely because it *promotes* terrorism.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2006.10.03
Hello all: I thought I'd drop a line to let any of you fans of unliscensed radio know that our documentary, Pirate Radio USA, is coming to the Austin Film Fest in a couple weeks.

We have two shows at the Hideout Theatre(617 Congress) Oct 19th @ 9:30pm and Oct 25th @ 9:15pm.

You can check out the movie trailer too:

Get a look at stations from across the country fight to free the airwaves! We'll be in town too from Seattle, so see you there!

DJ Him [pirateradiousa cxe gmail punkto com] • 2006.10.04
You might not find what you hear on 100.1 so crazy if you put aside your blind loyalty to either political party and objectively watch the videos found on the following links: 911: Press for Truth (documentary produced by family members of the victims of 911) 911 Mysteries Part 1 of 3 911 Mysteries Part 2 of 3 911 Mysteries Part 3 of 3 Freedom to Fascism movie trailer

Other topics you can Google on your own: NAFTA Super Highway or TransTexas Corridor, RFID chip, National ID Card

I don't know if this is spamming or if if I'm a bot but readers seem to be angry at folks that have dedicated their lives to educating people about what is happening right under our noses. Yes, they are angry but not without cause. Republicans and Democrats from both parties are responsible - we need to make them accountable and join together to promote true independent public servants to office.

Marie • 2006.10.04
I am curious...Is the 100.1 frequency that Alex Jones, et al broadcast on a true pirate station? That is, is that frequency unlicensed by the FCC?
They have been on for a VERY long time to go unchallenged by the Commission if they are truly unlicensed.....usually the Comish issues a NAL and a fine within a year...they have been on for a couple of years minimum.....Tell me more!

Hazel Motes [hazelmotes cxe austin punkto rr punkto com] • 2006.10.08
Hazel, you've got me. Here's the circumstantial evidence that makes me suspect the station is a pirate: (1) It broadcasts a phone number and a political rant instead of a standard FCC-mandated station ID. (2) I've had this blog entry up for three years and no one has ever told me anything to the contrary. (3) I've looked for it in several directories of licensed FM stations and never found it listed. (I tried looking it up at the FCC site but, surprise surprise, is completely unusable and I can't find an official directory of licensed stations.)

I suppose it's possible that 100.1 is an unlicensed but legal microtransmitter, but my guess is that even microtransmitters have to do station IDs, and I can hear 100.1 in enough parts of town that it doesn't seem very "micro" to me.

I'd welcome any verifiable information to clear this question up.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2006.10.09
I'm so terribly jealous of you Austinites--it's very exciting to see so many people who are so passionate about Truth, Freedom of Speech, and especially: RADIO.
I'm a Radio junkie in NE PA, and listen, faithfully to AJ and sometimes, Jack Blood. Thanks for all the great information about all the Patriots' broadcasts, which may be available via webstream. I'm going to definitely check out Jon Arthur, for starters.

Rob [phans4u cxe intergate punkto com] • 2006.10.13
Hi Folks,

Obviously by the sound of things, the New World Order is marching on. The talk of martial law, national id cards, the criminal USA Patriot Act 1&2, and even the implantable Verichip Microchip from Applied Digital Solutions makes the stakes now even higher.
My friends, the time is getting close to "lock and load"!
Don't go to Ron Paul for President 2008.
Get your house in order and prepare for the end.
NEVER BOW TO THE GLOBALISTS and always live for the Lord Jesus Christ!

May God Truly Bless This Republic!

Jon Arthur
Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host
"Jon Arthur Live!"

Jon Arthur [jonarthur cxe radio punkto fm] • 2007.05.29
Found you throught searching.
Interesting conversation indeed.

I signed on to Alex Jones website as a member about a month ago. I know the gov did 911. BUT, I am getting a sick feeling in my gut about who Jones really is...and even Ron Paul, for that matter.

Google Ron Paul and gold. Clearly Jones pushes gold. Both are from Austin, and Austin has a top rated website for rare gold coins.

something fishy

And, if Jone's station really is a pirate station, then WHO IN THE HELL is turning a blind eye at the FCC?

Get my point?

There is an ulterior motive for the Jones show. AND the politics of Ron Paul.

I'm a flaming liberal who wanted Clinton impeached for his lies.



Real Truth Please • 2007.06.05
Uhhh....i caught this frequency in South Austin on 91.1 last night and this morning and heard "Love Will Tear Us Apart" by Joy Division on repeat, no breaks, it's probably still playing. I had this horrible vision of the dj hanging himself in his kitchen right after setting the song on repeat, if anyone knows the person behind this operation will you please go check on them and make sure they're okay.

Concerned • 2007.06.18
Ok, I used to do a show on pirate radio. I loved it, and now back in Texas, I miss it. Can someone PLEASE clue me in on what the status is on pirate radio in Austin?

former pirate [RyYajn cxe lycos punkto com] • 2007.07.09
More austin >