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We have a winner!

Pamela Ribon's reading from Why Girls are Weird exceeded my expectations -- she started with memories of a little girl's strange rituals with Barbies and then got funnier from there. Her stage background added to her live persona, too.

At the Q&A I asked about whether she was the long-awaited messiah of the blog novel and the answer seems to be yes. Praise and hallelujah! (Although she prefers to think of it as "online journaling" -- that's okay, messiahs are funny about terminology, Jesus was a Jew not a Christian, etc.) What's more, she's now in LA pitching scripts so I think it's only a matter of time before there will be a blog movie. At which point blogs will have finally entered the mainstream consciousness and effected a culture-wide paradigm shift on the order of, say, You've Got Mail.

I wanted to get her to sign my copy of Essential Blogging but it was at home so I bought her book instead. More later when I've actually read it.

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