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Only creeps and weirdos use mass transit, says GM

bus labeled Creeps and Weirdos

Ad in Canada uses fear of strangers on the bus to encourage riders to switch to Chevy. Sigh. (Via Reenhead.)

causes 2003.03.26 link


I agree with GM on this point, having sat next to one too many unkempt, odorous, and overly verbal scumbags on public transport. Be it Chevy or Humvee, anything beats the bus.

hikikomorii [hikikimorii ARROBA nospam PUNTO hotmail PUNTO com] • 2003.03.27
While it may be the case, it is a demeaning ad. Such an attitude contributes to the continued disempowerment and degradation of people who there, but for the grace of (fill in deity of your chosing), go we.

Kathryn [hestia ARROBA pobox PUNTO com] • 2003.03.27
I rode trains and busses for years in Portland, Oregon, "Creeps and Weirdos Center of the Universe." The occasional truly offensive creep (as opposed to the respectful, if sometimes admittedly odorous, weirdos, who just help make life interesting) did not offset the satisfaction in NOT contributing to the urban haze... not to mention the freedom of not fighting traffic and looking for a parking spot. I really miss mass transit, having the progressive NW.

Whatever your aversion to odd folks, this kind of ad is the worst sort of corporate bullshit.

Stork [schultzl ARROBA ece PUNTO pdx PUNTO edu] • 2003.03.28
Unfortunately it is true. In most cities, only creeps and weirdos ride mass transit. Of course, if more people rode mass transit, it wouldn't seem that way. Sort of a "chicken or the egg" deal I guess.

zeebah [zeebahtronic[at]] • 2003.03.28
I use public transport all the time.

I have never in thirty years of travelling by public transit in several countries seen any creeps or weirdos out in public except those aggressively driving private cars when I try to cross the road.

Has anyone here met any GM executives? Now _they_ could be candidates. One senior GM executive (in fact the managing director of GM in a large European country) phoned up a very soft-spoken and diplomatic American journalist friend of mine and screamed verbal abuse at him one night because he had got a story she (the GM exec) couldn't believe he could know about.

Swearing and four-letter words were in her tirade. Sounds to me like General Motors Canada might be talking about itself.


mark [contact ARROBA otherlanguages PUNTO org] • 2003.03.29
NO COMMENT - need help answering this question: What is the name of a famous excursion vehicle that is named after an insect, has the capacity to hold several hundred people and operates in only one city around the world which is not in the Western hemisphere. Why is it called this?

Shannon [Shannont cxe kaplantel punkto net] • 2003.10.30
I can't believe I just read "In most cities, only creeps and weirdos ride mass transit."

I have ridden mass transit as my main transportation in Austin, Tampa, Chicago, New York, Providence, and all over Germany, and as a visitor in Boston, San Francisco, Dallas, all over France, Italy, Ireland, Los Angeles, and others that I can't think of right now. I'm actually offended that otherwise smart people (I don't know zeebah so I can't say for sure) think that public transportation is for creeps and weirdos. I don't think it's a chicken and egg thing, either.

Maybe she meant creeps and weirdos on public transportatoin in cities where the car rules, and therefore anyone who doesn't have a car or drive regularly is considered weird?

But, I have to accept that a LOT of people feel this way. My former coworker (a guy) was practically scared to take the bus with me. I don't get it! When I was growing up I used to get excited to take the bus. And the kids I hang out with are the same way. So when do people change their minds and start thinking mass transit is full of creeps and weirdos? They need to check out commuter rail or visit real cities where everyone takes public transportation at least every once in a while.

Harummph. I guess that woke me up.

christina [ataraxy cxe jeskey punkto com] • 2003.10.31
While I don't see too many creeps when I ride subways and stuff in Manhattan (NYC), most outerboro or suburban bus routes attract the creepy people. Every day, I see these weirdos on the train I ride to work. Personally, I cant wait to get my car next year. Transit coverage where I live is pretty limited anyway.

Chris [transitpics cxe gmail punkto com] • 2005.11.05
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