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Staaaar Waaaars, nothing but Staaaar Waaaars

My co-workers sit at their desks and sing this all day long.

Nick Winters sings Star Wars

Although they usually insert one of our company's product in the lyrics -- "BlogBurst, nothing but BlooooogBurst..."

chuckles 2006.02.28 link


Okay, here's a coincidence: U tells me that the boys who sit around her in the first grade have been incessantly singing the Imperial March. (Link via the Dark Tide.)

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2006.03.01
hahaa! I used to have this in my head from probably 9th grade to graduate school. (the exact moment stuck in my head was the darth vader scream). oh boy!

supah [supah cxe supah punkto com] • 2006.03.02
Excellent :) It's better than what I hear at my job at an elementary school...Kids Bob. Sigh.

Happy Bunny [batgirl00 cxe juno punkto com] • 2006.03.02
I have been looking for a good copy of that rare photograph of the little known California nerd-punk/surf-rock band Lee, Harvey & the Oswalds for a long time. My uncle told me about the group. They used to rock! Thanks for uploading it. One of the best photoshops I've ever seen.

Ben [bfbacon cxe msn punkto com] • 2006.06.08
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