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Rosedale Elementary School garden

The playground behind Rosedale Elementary in Austin has a beautiful xeriscaped garden of flowering perennials.

One unique feature of the garden is a curving stone wall into which are set rocks, shells, and ceramic and glass objects contributed by the students and their families. Each object has a story behind it. The garden is a lovely contrast to the battered landscape of so many public school playgrounds.

garden 2003.04.05 link


mmm... xeriscaping. I would love to pull up the grass at my house and make the whole thing look just like that garden (joyful, appreciative local children and all).

Anna • 2003.04.07
Living in Greece, and with a new house, I'm in the middle of trying to create such a garden. Warning to all, it's hard work. And unfortunately any garden like this needs at least a year of a lot of water for plants to establish. You'll also have a lot of work with some very tenacious native perrenial "weeds". In the long run, it is of course worth it. To all, go for it!
PS. Prentice, approve of the new glasses.

dee [iriacars ARROBA hotmail PUNTO com] • 2003.04.09
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