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Vampire update

For all you Googlers who've been swarming to my previous post on vampire language, here's what you may have been looking for.

Elorathian: This is a term for the vampyre language, which is only taught to Calmae of COVICA related covens.

Behind that definition all I can find is this fragmentary glossary of Elorathian. Have any of you conlangers seen any evidence that there's an actual Elorathian grammar hiding out inside those covens, or is a little vocabulary all there is to it? (If anyone doubts that a subculture can nurture a conlang, consider this Klingon weblog.)

Meanwhile, here are some other self-described vampires who says that "there is no actual vampiric language", just a history of systems of secret signs:

When one asks questions of things like a written (Standard) Vampyre Language they must remember that we are a people among people. There has been many groups in the past (Mostly Secret Societies) that came up with sigil like designs (anyone outside of the group would not know what they meant). They would place them in various spots to help the group know where the next meeting spot was or to pass secret notes and such. As for a Group of Vampyres getting together and doing the same is a possibility but it was only an understood Language so to speak among that group only not a Standardized Vampyric language. We see this type of use even to this day as before in small secret societal groups and the only thing that comes close to a Vampyric sigil is the common use of the anhk (in one version or another). Mind you there are others but not as common.

Self-described vampires? You bet. They even have their own Vampire Meetups. Meetup says there are 41 "active vampires" in the New York City area, 76 in greater London and 10 near Oklahoma City. Lock your doors on the third Tuesday of the month.

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