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Gonna Kill Me a Cupid

It's time for my annual audio holiday card, a mix CD of what I've been listening to lately. As in previous years, if you're a regular here, drop me a line with your snail-mail address and I'll be delighted to send you a copy.

Gonna Kill Me a Cupid Stuff I've been listening to in 2004
Eli Goulart e Banda do Mato  1  Sunny
Samba saves another piece of 60's pop from itself. Goulart was a Germany-based Brazilian who died in 2003 just as his career was taking off.
The Brunettes  2  Loopy Loopy Love
Gonna kill me a cupid, 'cause a cupid causes love.
Racey  3  Kitty
I thought this was a switcheroo cover of the hit "Mickey" but it was the other way around. (1979)
Spek  4  Smell the Coffee
Whatever you're thinking, that's a floating home. Desi hip-pop from Toronto.
Skalpel  5  1958
Jazz reassembled from 50's Polish samizdat tapes, when swing was a crime against the state.
Barcelona  6  I Have the Password to Your Shell Account
I tried your mom's first name, I tried your cat's name. I don't think you're smart enough.
Momus  7  I am a Kitten
My girls ask me, daddy, has that ever really happened? (1996)
Emilio Santiago  8  Bananeira
What's the right way to see a banana tree? (1975)
Trio Mocotó  9  Onde anda o meu amor
The old guys get together with the young cats of Zuco 103.
Single Tear  10  Jugando joqui con el mono
All the scientists are looking for the monkey, but he's playing hockey with the children.
Los Ocho de Colombia  11  Cumbia del beso (Por cuánto me lo da)
How much for a kiss? Twenty pesos. Where? In the kitchen. When? After the dance. (~1982)
Grupo Fantasma  12  Utility Rock
It's hard being a broke slacker by day and a cumbia god by night.
Ghandaia  13  Odara
Let me sing so the world becomes beauty, Odara.
Bersuit Vergarabat  14  Perro Amor Explota
Love explodes.
Orquestra Jean Kelson  15  Berimbau
One string becomes six, six become an orchestra. (1965)
Lemon Party  16  Spalding Gray is Missing
A sad theme for the songwriting contest at SongFight.
Barbara Morgenstern  17  Kleiner Auschnitt
I am a very small excerpt.
Shane Bartell  18  Don't Believe Everything
Hurry up and grab the money and nothing needs to change.
Franz Ferdinand  19  Take Me Out
Sometimes the art history nerds do good stuff.
Heloise and the Savoir Faire Dancers  20  Odyle
Love the song, love the choreography.
Scanty Sandwich  21  Because of You
The scary sampled voice is that of a young Michael J.
Bobby Conn  22  We Come in Peace
Theme song for W's second inauguration.
Thalma De Freitas  23  Tranqüilo
I am not afraid of the world.

This year developments like MP3 blogs and Webjay have made a big difference in my listening habits. I'm hearing lots of new things I never would have heard any other way. You can tell from all the indie pop and DJ/electronica/dance creeping onto the list, normally not "my" genres. I like the novelty, but the downside is that I'm a sucker for a lot of one-hit wonders: when I manage to track down additional material by these people it doesn't always match my expectations. Not a good sign for the "give them a taste for free on the net and they'll buy the album" school of thought. Oh, well.

My one regret about this list is that I had to leave out what might be my favorite tune of the year, Take Off Your Clothes (click there! that's an MP3!) by Morningwood. It's missing strictly because I was shooting for a PG-13 rating, not NC-17. The sacrifices we make for our children. Sigh.

What else? If you know anything about Single Tear, please please pass it on; they elude my Google skills. I thought about trying to track down videos for these songs but the ones I found were pretty dismal except for the must-see Odyle and the would-be-better-in-hi-res Take Me Out. [Update: Grupo Fantasma also has a great video out for Utility Rock.] Finally, Momus and Thalma de Freitas both have blogs which are worth a look.

There. Now I can start my playlist for 2005.

music 2004.12.02 link


McSleazy's ( Beastie Boys v. Franz Ferdinand mix: Franzie Boys

Bill Humphries [whump cxe mac punkto com] • 2004.12.05
Thanks. I've never listened to the Beastie Boys so the magic of that track escapes me, but I get the joke of some of his other mash-ups, like Control Machete vs. Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana vs. Michael Jackson. None of them want to make me listen all the way through, though. Kind of like Weird Al Yankovic, they just make me want to go dig up the originals. (I'm sure I'll burn in pop music hell for that comparison!)

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2004.12.05
Aaauugh! I just burned a whole stack of these things, and now I find that half of them are duds. Not only did I waste time burning the duds, and more time testing them all to weed out the duds, but I don't know why the duds were duds, so I'm doomed to waste even more time burning and testing more duds.

At least I discovered the problem before I mailed them all out. I mean, I guess that's good.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2004.12.15
Now that I've got this great little disc in my greedy little hands, I realize that an audio CD has suddenly become "retro" technology. I'm specifically bemoaning the lack of metadata—beyond just track names and artists (which I just spent about five minutes typing/pasting into iTunes), I'm missing all kinds of other tangential junctions, including album, year, genre, etc. (Not that ID3 genre is a particularly useful categorization tool, but it helps when you're starting from scratch on a new party mix and need to weed out the audiobooks and Eric Schwartz.)

Dan Sandler [dsandler cxe dsandler punkto org] • 2004.12.19
Super disc as always Prentiss. I really like the Barcelona cut (#6), my inner sysadmin warms to the notion of pop music about Unix systems.

Edward Vielmetti [edward punkto vielmetti cxe gmail punkto com] • 2004.12.22
Thanks, Dan and Ed. I agree about the metadata. This blog entry is intended in part to address that lack.

It's a pity that CDDB won't let me upload track info for a home-grown compilation. At least I think that's what's going on -- I've heard that that's a CDDB policy, although when I try it in iTunes all I get is an HTTP error, not a clear rejection. And I could swear that I've uploaded track info for mix discs before. Oh, well.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2004.12.24
I just love to see my name on you're list.

Peace and Love in 2005 =)


Thalma de Freitas • 2004.12.26
NICE mix! Very cool of you to share your favorites this way; I'm grateful. Reguarding cddb, have you ever used It's a non-commercial alternative to cddb that I remember uploading mixes to in the past. I'm certain you could upload the ID3 metadata for "Kill Me a Cupid" (as could anyone confident their ID3 tags were accurate).

I just did a little digging to provide you with links and am coming to the conclusion that itunes doesn't support replacing cddb queries with freedb queries, based on the list of config tweaks on this page, although my lazyweb insticts tell me there must be a tweak out there someone has come up with.

I have used the shareware product Tag & Rename, which will play nice with freedb. This page explains it.

I'll post a follow up if I get it working myself (=

On a related note, have you ever considered posting the entire contents of your ipod (assuming since you use itunes that you have one) to the web? You can create the html listing using a tool called tunes2html. Throwing caution to the wind, I've done so here. I'd be interested in scanning your musical collection to see what else you're into (=

michaelm [plantwater cxe gmail punkto com] • 2005.01.06
Hey, Michael, I'm glad you liked it.

I'm not that drawn to the idea of posting my CD or iTunes collecion, not because of privacy issues but because I would see that mostly as polluting the Googlesphere to no good effect. At least I know that I'm disappointed when I'm searching for info on an obscure artist or song and all I can find is a few references in playlists.

But you're welcome to see more about my musical interests in the music section of my blog.

By the way, I don't have an iPod -- every time I'm tempted to buy one I think of many other things to spend the money on, like travel or art. Or, nowadays, rent. As it happens I just blogged about the alternative, my hillbilly iPod.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2005.01.06
thanks for your comments and your approval of thee olde ditty entitled, "Take Off Your Clothes" -with love, MORNINGWOOD

red rose & dolphins [japati7 cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2005.02.21
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