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Music from the mutant city

On a surfing expedition that started at Webjay I came across this wonderful snapshot of music from São Paulo 2004, Cidade Mutação. It's part of the larger site for a cultural festival that happened in November and includes art and writing as well.

Cidade Mutação

The music page seems to authorize downloads as there's a Baixar a MP3 button on each band's popup, but downloading just generates errors. So I've extracted a list of the MP3s and created a Webjay playlist to make them streamable:

  1. Mamelo Sound System - Manifesta
  2. Parteum + Rua de Baixo - Selva
  3. Nego Moçambique - São Paulo Overture
  4. Junio Barreto - A quem Glória posso ser
  5. Hurtmold - Amansa louco
  6. Geanine Marques - Special Flavor
  7. Forgotten Boys - Godstrashcan
  8. Benzina aka Scandurra - 25/01/2025 (Psicon)
  9. DonaZica - Cadência
  10. Cansei de ser sexy - Acho um pouco bom
  11. Instituto+Z'África Brasil - Mutações

I'm especially taken with the track by Cansei de Ser Sexy, which has one of the better band names I've heard lately ("I Got Tired of Being Sexy").

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