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I Got Tired of Being Sexy

This is the 11th or 12th edition of my annual mix CD that goes out to friends with the xmas cards. As before if you're a regular here, send me your snail-mail address and a copy is yours. (iTunes addicts: if you prefer I'll send you an MP3 CD with metadata and bonus tracks! Just let me know.)

I Got Tired of Being Sexy Stuff I've been listening to in 2005
Cansei de Ser Sexy  1  Acho um Pouco Bom
Best band name of the year, from São Paulo.
Cessna  2  Book
I just bought it to make me feel wiser.
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Ray Bryant  3  Up Above the Rock
Jazz piano veteran funks out. (1968)
Cathy Davey  4  Clean and Neat
Like a pure white cotton sheet.
The Mountain Goats  5  Palmcorder Yajna
It will be too late by the time we learn what these cryptic symbols mean.
Dealership  6  All the Kids
I found this band through a member's blog and it's hard not to speculate who the song could be about, You're So Vain-style.
Torch  7  Peel Me a Grape
Either amuse me or lose me.
Juana Molina  8  Tres Cosas
It won't be anyone's fault.
mp3 words
Brazilian Girls  9  Corner Store
Bet they wish they had a nickel for every time someone said "they're not Brazilian and only one of them is a girl".
Julieta Venegas  10  Fe
It would be so easy to throw myself out the window, knowing you were under it with open arms.
Thievery Corporation with
Patrick De Santos
  11  Sol Tapado
I'm a new listener to Thievery Corp and I can never figured out what they've recorded, remixed or simply compiled.
Sun Ra  12  Transition
Sun Ra on a good day makes me think of Mingus. (1957)
The Mexicos  13  Lofi Referee
Loud-soft-loud still works in my book.
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Anthony Rochester  14  Métropolitain
Vocalese like a Star Trek theremin.
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Cibelle  15  Sereia, Amor d'Água
This is from the Suba tribute but she's got her own stuff out now.
Thunderball  16  Vai Vai
More recycled Brasiliana of uncertain origin.
Torch  17  You Came a Long Way From St. Louis
Too good not to include two tracks, this one a capella with Seela's beau Jon Green on the skins.
John Benjamin Band  18  What We Need More of is Science
Be sure to check out MC Hawking's entry in the same SongFight! contest.
Frump  19  Vasectomy
Vasectomy is a parody of Frump's song The Library which is a parody of the Ramones' song Teenage Lobotomy, or is it the other way around?
La Bionda  20  Wanna Be Your Lover
Italian bubblegum synth-pop answer to Major Tom. (1982)
The Dishes  21  The Perfect Nanny
As heard on This American Life.
Yoko Kanno & the Seatbelts  22  Tank! (TV Edit)
Not that John and Yoko. (1998)
Seu Jorge  23  Rebel Rebel
David Bowie, favela style. Moda na gringa é feliz natal.

Again I am indebted to Fluxblog, Webjay and the MP3 blog scene in general.

Last year I had to omit Morningwood's "Take Off Your Clothes" to maintain a family listening experience. This year it was Alice and the Enemies' "Touching Boys in Supermarkets" (follow that link for a listen) and, even moreso, the Brazilian Girls' "P***y P***y P***y Marijuana".

There. Now I can start my playlist for 2006...

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