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An open letter to Wells Fargo Online Banking

You'd think these guys were still dealing with paper checks. Hauled by oxcart.

From: Prentiss Riddle
To: Wells Fargo Customer Service

Can I pass a comment on to the management of Wells Fargo Online Banking?

Today I downloaded my account history for the first time in a while and was disappointed to see that the available history covered only the span of 7/9/04 through 9/20/04.

I don't see any reason why you can't provide me with the entire history of my account, or failing that, at least a full year. That's the necessary amount of data to get a proper financial picture.

At a bare minimum I'd have expected to get a full quarter's history. Just how often do you think the typical Wells Fargo Online Banking customer can find the time to sit down and reconcile his or her account?

I've asked about this before and been given an excuse about how data is periodically cycled out of the system. I work in IT and I know that we're not talking about vast amounts of data here, that its organization is straightforward with few issues of scale, and that disk space gets cheaper all the time. Even in uncompressed form my account history doesn't take more than 100K per year. Nowadays free services that I don't pay a cent for allot me up to ten thousand times that much storage!

Again, I would appreciate it if you would forward this message to your Online Banking management. Thank you.

If there are any other Wells Fargo customers out there who'd like to send them a clue, feel free. The Contact Us link on their website would be a place to start. Let me know if you figure out how to reach an actual human.

I suppose now would be a good time to inquire about U.S. banks operating nationwide which do a better job of integrating their free online banking with money management software like Quicken. It does occur to me that Wells Fargo may do a sucky job because they want to encourage people to trade up to their paid online banking, not a smart policy if we have the option of trading up to a different bank. However, I chose Wells Fargo in part for brick-and-mortar reasons, so there are other constraints that might keep me from switching. Sigh.

time 2004.09.21 link


I've been trying to switch away from Wells Fargo forever. But where? I've already tried Washington Mutual and Bank of America. I'm tired of everyone taking away my money.

oso [oso cxe el-oso punkto net] • 2004.09.21
For years I was a satisfied customer at a local credit union. I guess I left when banks were offering interest on ordinary accounts and the credit union wasn't, and then things like the size of its ATM network and its slow entry into online banking kept me from switching back. Perhaps it's time to reconsider.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2004.09.21
Yes, what is it with banks? They all act as if information were still carved in stone.

Camilo [camilo cxe confusedkid punkto com] • 2004.09.22
Comerica engages in this exact same silliness. They plub their online banking left and right, but apprently they've not bothered to user test their service.

Lou Rosenfeld [lou cxe louisrosenfeld punkto com] • 2004.09.22
"Plub." Meant to type "plug," but "plub" actually sounds better...

Lou Rosenfeld [lou cxe louisrosenfeld punkto com] • 2004.09.22
As a former No. 1 Google resultholder for "Shittybank," I sympathize. Don't worry: soon all money will be E-Dinars and all transactions performed wirelessly with the chip gene-spliced into your blastoma.

Colin from Bklyn [cbrayton cxe blogalization punkto nu] • 2004.09.25
I am very dissapointed WellsFargo customer. My advise: leave the bank. You can't trust a financial institution who is going to charge you $2 for getting your own money out of another bank's ATM. Freedom!

Catalina [catalina0703 cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2004.09.26
i feel after seeing so many negatives from customers; that i should add mine too: I am very satisfied with wells fargo bank; they have never, ever made a mistake on my account and make it easy for me to look the account up on internet. Keep up the good work guys

guy christopher [christopher_9208 cxe msn punkto com] • 2005.05.08
Wells Fargo's web site has been excessively slow lately and when I have attempted to get an answer to when the problem will be fixed, they send an automatic telling me to call their customer service, which puts me on hold for far too long. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? It is enough to make ME switch banks -- online banking is supposed to save time.

Brady Williams [brady cxe surewest punkto net] • 2005.06.02
When I transferred West, I thought WF was a huge name, so they probably had a reputation to uphold. WRONG!! I have had more issues with this megathief than any other business I have ever dealt with. I have been repeatedly charged a huge 33.00 per overdrawn check even tho I had deposited a state issued check. They claim they need 3-5 business days for a government issued check to clear. It's just a scam to charge me more for the overdrafts than the actual amounts of the check. Even tho I have been a customer for over 5 years, that means nothing to this money monger. They do not negotiate, and pretend to understand. Everytime I visit the branch, I have to stand in line for up to 1/2 hour even tho there are only 1 or 2 people in line, because some other poor schmuck is futiley trying to establish some semblance of fairness with tellers that are probably given bonuses to make sure that the outcome is a win for the House...sounds more like Vegas than a bank.

And I recently started using online banking, and it is so slow I could write them out and mail them faster, not to mention how confusing the set up was. It took me days to configure my account. Now they are charging the almost $7.00 a month to use a service that is late paying the very bills that I thought would save time. Hardly any of my accounts are e-bills, and the mail is faster. The only reason I stay is I paid over $60.00 for new checks and labels with the WF logo, and I can't afford to chuck em, altho if this keeps up I'll probably have to eat my losses. MY advice, run from this bank.

Luc L. [east_to_westbb cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2005.06.03
Slow! WF site has been down all day, I would call to find out what I need to know but I am afraid of the charge it would incur!

MrKicks [Anon cxe anon punkto com] • 2005.08.10
I hate Wells Fargo as well. Right now I am shopping for another bank for all my accounts. My two biggest gripes concern online banking and debit cards. I am a small business owner that has to keep a very close eye on cash flow. At certain times it is very easy to go negative in the account if I am waiting for payment while paying bills myself.

So after talking to my local branch manager I decided a debit card and online banking would be a great setup. I was pitched on how I could log on at any time and see my balance and transaction data. And I stupidly assumed that when I used my debit card, it would not be approved if the money was not in the account.

In reality, they do not even check your account balance when you put in your PIN. They check something called the "merchant's floor", and I could not get a clear answer on what that was.

Also, I learned the hard way that if you have to sign for a transaction instead of using your PIN, the transaction will show up online, then disappear for a day or three, then suddenly reappear. And when it's gone, the funds reappear, then they disappear again when it comes back. Which means you can't rely on what the online banking is telling you, as the branch manager admitted this morning. You still have to track everything in your check register. Her only answer to what is convenient about online banking is that you can tell when something has actually cleared, but when I brought up the fact that when it looks like something has cleared, like a signed for transaction, and then it disappears, that means you can't really tell if something has cleared, she just said "you just have to keep track of everything in your check register!" The best part about this one if Wells encourages you to sign instead of using your PIN through their Rewards program.

Seriously, this combination is just a scam that will end up in you being charged more fees. I just paid $132 in fees on four transactions totaling less than $15, as I was traveling, couldn't get into Online Banking when I was able to get online, and foolishly thought that my debit card would be denied of I didn't have the funds.

So, I need a new bank. Any suggestions for those of us in Oregon?

bewert [bewert cxe exerscape punkto com] • 2005.08.23
To the folks in Oregon, and every other state in the union, my suggestion is this: A nationwide class action lawsuit against wells fargo. Like a great many others I didn't "choose" WF, it got shoved down my throat. I had been with the same branch for many, many years,through merger after merger. I was assured by wells fargo that they would honor my "free checking account status"; what a joke. There is nothing free about WF. Every month, on my statement, there is a notice of yet another new fee or increase of an old one. Statement fee, annual debit card fee, atm transaction fees, fees for using the debit card at store, copy fees, etc... It is government supported robbery.
This last incident was the final straw, I am done with banks!
I deposited a $5700. check, drawn on a local big name securities clearing house, through the atm machine at my branch, on June 14.
On June 20th I get a notice stating that they have a placed a hold on the check, because it was over $5000.( couldn't find anything in their fee disclosure book about that), They made only $100. of the check available to me. On June 22, (8 days later) they made $4900. more available, yet my truck payment which went through the bank on that same day bounced! Finally, on June 30,(16 days after I made the deposit) they let me have the rest, $700.
Anyone else ever had a bank split a deposit into 3 peices? I checked with the clearing house that issued me the check, it cleared their account on the 20th of june. Several checks bounced, at $33. a peice it added up more than my next truck payment. I went down to the branch to close the account and get an explanation for the hold. After waiting 45min for assistance, I was told that they don't have to disclose anything to consumers, and they can conduct business however they want. Banking regulations are mere suggestions. I am going to write many, many letters to both my state and federal "representatives" thanking them for once again screwing us avg. working stiffs. Then I am going to round up as many other unhappy WF customers as I can find, then we will call the lawyers.Until someone steps up and puts a leash on the bankmonster, I will keep my dough under the mattress.

linda scott [lcolothunder cxe aol punkto com] • 2005.08.31
I HATE WF!!!! I have hated them since 2000, and take any opportunity to speak out about them. My most recent incident with them was when they WOULD NOT CASH A CHECK WRITTEN ON AN ACCOUNT HELD BY THEM!!!! I know the account had $$$ in it, as the person that wrote the check had accompanied me down to the branch and argued with the manager before withdrawing the cash from the account. Seriously, what is the point of having checks if your institution won't honor them???

Keep speaking out on WF! They are cheat's, liars, & thieves!! Wait till you see what they charge you on next weeks "new" fee the make up! It'll be like Christmas w/o the presents.

Skip [skip cxe chip punkto com] • 2005.09.02
Here is another suggestion for those that are not interested in dealing with banks anymore: Open an account with someone like morgan stanley. They will let you deposit checks from anyone! More importantly NO FEES. If you OD your account, they count it as a loan and charge normal interest rates based on the amount over.

Skip [skip cxe chip punkto com] • 2005.09.02
Here is another suggestion: If you are a merchant and you don't like WF, stop taking checks from customers who use them. I have, especially since WF won't honor them anyway (read previous post). I may only be one person, but if everyone stands up to them, they will be forced to change their practices eventually.

Skip [skip cxe chip punkto com] • 2005.09.02
Well, I am in for a bit of a fight. I did play with some money and then 1 day later, pulled out $80 for smokes.

After 4 charges of $33 EACH, they then say "Oh, we take the highest balance first and then the rest"

In other words, "We'll grab a big chunk and this will allow us to "Legally" hit your account with fees...

Bastards...Nothing I can do (Legally) will help..So what to do? Simple..I can get another bank it's easy for me..Yes, love to take revenge, but they're covered, they won't hurt and I'd be an idiot to waste my time...

Gene [remocon1 cxe netzero,net] • 2005.09.14
I HATE Wells PHQUE! I can not believe that their practices are legal. I blew out a knee, and had it rebuilt. This cost me two months pay and eventually lead to BK. We thought we would start over and opened an account with this EVIL empire, WHAT A MISTAKE!! We work hard and make a pretty good living, but we are not wealthy and it is never enough. These bastards have screwed us out of so much money. One check for 1200.00 cost over 3500.00!! Yes I will admit I only had 1100.00 in there. But ten days and four deposits later we were still negative. We are almost as bad off now as we were just before the BK. The next stage is financial destruction. I agree with the previous post that was pushing for the class action suit. They need to be put down.

Stephen Abbott [abbtt1 cxe comcast punkto net] • 2005.09.16
Wells Fargo is the best bank out there. Its the customer's responsibility to know how much money they have in their account. Learn how to keep a transaction register, all you have to do is add and subtract, easy!

wf employee • 2005.09.28
Ever think about keeping a register? Or holding onto your monthly account statements? Anyone who believes that 'banks just keep taking my money' are usually just bad with their funds. I bank with three different banks, and not once have I ever incurred an o/d fee at a single one of them... That's not bragging, that's just proper financial management. Give it a try sometime.

Banker • 2005.10.05
I am a customer of both B of A and Wells Fargo, with free college accounts at both banks. I never pay fees for these accounts.

Someone awhile ago mentioned the "pending" transaction disappearing for a few days when used as credit instead of debit/POS. Both banks do this exactly the same way, and there is a valid explanation.

A credit (on a debit card) transaction needs to be approved by the bank for the card to go through. As soon as a store swipes your card, the amount is sent to the bank for approval (for authorization). However, due to the credit nature, the transaction will usually take about three days to go through.

I find the pending status a nice feature after using other banks that simply do not show the transaction online for a few days (you'll STILL deal with OD fees if you do not keep track of your money).

Simply put, both banks are decent if you keep a register or running balance (paper, Quicken, receipts) of your account to keep track of your balance immediately when you perform a transaction.

WF and BofA Customer • 2005.10.26
I worked for two years as a phone banker- originally for Norwest which then merged with Wells Fargo. I quit when they changed their overdraft fee policy.

Previously fee reversal was at banker discretion. Then they took away our ability to reverse fees, saying that upper management would only reverse due to bank error. I was told this was the rule for all customers. I consoled many upset customers, most often people who had never overdrafted their accounts before and who had made one mistake that was costing them hundreds of dollars. Judging by their account histories these people needed every penny they had to get by. Then a customer who had a lot of money complained about fees. I delivered the bank's "no fee reversal" policy and transferred the customer to a manager. The manager reversed the fees. That's when I started looking for a new job.

The truth is that on accounts that don't carry high balances the bank needs overdraft revenues to make a profit. When I was there I believe a manager told me they needed at least four overdraft fees a year. It benefits the institution if you mess up. They want you to overdraft enough to make them money but not so much that they worry about you being a risk. Overall it's a pretty sweet deal for them- they take your money, accuse you of being bad with funds and then, when they can't suck anything more out of you, they'll close your account for mismanagement (and from what I can tell that's a major drag). Any time I'm tempted to write a check out before my deposit is made (and posted) I remind myself of all this and wait.
I've kept my accounts at Wells Fargo because it's convenient and I believe that all of the big banks are pretty much the same. However in the past six months I have had some truly terrible experiences with their phone bankers. Clearly they've put their talk time statistics (phone bankers are judged in part by the time it takes them to conclude a call) ahead of the actual needs of their customers.

Lastly, to the employees that wrote in above- do you really think demeaning clients who are already unhappy with your company really serves your cause?

Ahh, how I miss good customer service.

jan [janwest cxe hotmail punkto com] • 2005.10.27
I was added to my husband's Wells Fargo checking account so I can make deposits for him. We had a baby and had a lot more expenses for a while. My husband ended up doing a few purchases and they took us over our limit. 3 fees at $33 a piece add up, especially when you have a new baby at home needing diapers and formula! So I call the bank needing help and to get our money back. The phone banker was completly rude. They say "we only waive fees if it's a bank error". I say "what ever happened to human error"? Now we can't get formula for our baby. I asked to speak with a manager about this and he was also rude and said "ma'am, why don't you have overdraft protection on this account" I said "we tryed, you guys declined us"! He reluctantly refunded one of my fees. Then I get a $2 phone fee. Needless to say, that account is gone. I never encounters such mean people and people with no compassion. We are now with USAA bank and life is great. USAA's bank is open to the public. I sugest everyone get a bank account with them.

Lisa [lisanderson77 cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2005.10.27
Complain all you want about OD fees but if you can't manage your money then why not just stuff your cash under the mattress? And for those who complain about banks taking out the bigger check first- why the hell are u writing checks in the first place if you don't have enough in your account to cover them? The high OD fees should be a wake up call for people who can't manage their money- it's called being responsible.

very satisfied any bank customer • 2005.10.28
Wells Fargo Bank has been ripping off innocent and unsuspecting college studends and others with abusive fee's for some time.

I recently tried to pay off my son's (Wells Fargo) credit card with cash, only to learn that even with "greenbacks," it still takes two business days to post the transaction. The teller informed me that
"our computer systems don't talk to each other." Unsuspecting people using cash to pay off a Wells Fargo credit card are open to interest charges and certain fees during this "posting period."

Recently, I went to a Wells Fargo branch to deposit cash into my son's checking account, knowing some checks would hit his account that day. The deposit was made around 4:30pm and was told by the Wells Fargo teller that the cash would post instantly. The following day, my son called and said 4 checks bounced and fee's from Wells totaled $132.00 plus a returned check fee of $30.00. I called a representative at the bank who immediately started "negociating" the fee's. When I informed the rep that I had a receipt for a cash deposit made the day prior to cover the checks, the Wells rep said any cash deposits made after 3:00pm do not post until the following day...huh? I asked if the same rule applies to debit trasactions and received no reply...I told the Wells person that not reconciling these transactions daily at the close of business is a violation of standard account rules and practices as it gives bank an unfair advantage (i.e. the abiliy to collect more fee's during this 2 hr window because they do not recognize cash transactions made after 3:00pm). More importantly, not communicating this little known fact to individuals and especially cash-strapped students raises serious questions about Wells Fargo ethics.

Don't stop reading, it only gets better. My other college son made a purchase with his Wells Debit card at Wal-Mart in his college town. A bank representative called our house and left a message on the answering maching to verify if the charge was really made by my son. We were out of town and did not receive the message or, obviously, return the call. When my son's statemet from Wells Fargo arrived, there were approximately $360.00 in over-draft charges which seemed odd because his account has over-draft protection. Once again, I called the Wells branch only to face yet another representative intent on negociating the fee's that were charged. I told the Wells rep that we have over-draft protection, so why the fee's? You'll love it turns out, by not responding to the message on the answering maching regarding the Wal-Mart transaction, Wells Fargo froze the account including on-line banking, even over-draft protection, everything, except a "back door" for Wells Fargo to impose fee's for insufficient funds because, once again, they froze out their own over-draft system. It took 2 hrs to resolve this problem and would not have been a be a big deal if "fee negociation" hadn't happened.

College students for the most part are not prepared to deal with fee negociation issues including questionable bank (fee) tactics and bacause if this, inadvertantly pay some fee's through no error of their own. These abusive tactics by Wells Fargo must stop. Elliot there?

PK [paulk1201 cxe hotmail punkto com] • 2005.10.29
Phew!! I am so glad I am not the only one out there that hates these guys! And to wf employee and Banker...get back to're probably busy cruising the internet while you've got 30 people in line.
Anyway, I don't and never will bank with them. I went to cash a check written by one of their customers and they did not have enought cash to give me so they had to give me a cashier's check only they had to charge me $10 for it. It was their fault they didn't have enough money, not mine! Every single person in there was out of control rude and I was like in Customer Service hell! They suck!!!!!

WF Hater! [xalamillo418 cxe comcast punkto net] • 2005.11.02
I too work for Wells Fargo and I also bank there. I have never been happier and I was happy with the company before I worked for them. I will admit that working for the bank has given me more insight on how to properly manage my account but it really is common sense and as simple as keeping a transaction record. Note that this is different than just looking at online banking because the pending checkcard purchases and checks that we don't know you've written, etc. do not show up on there. Every bank has fees because they are not non-profit organizations but it would be impossible for the bank to actually steal your money. I as an employee, an honest person, and also not a wealthy person (believe it or not most bankers don't make that good of money and work paycheck to paycheck) am truly sick of being told that we and even worse I am stealing. A customer once had the audacity to tell me that she is closing her accounts because she's sick of paying for my mercedes. Wow don't I wish.

Happy w/ WF • 2005.11.04
WF is the worst bunch of thieves around. I recently after years of money stealing by them and their ever changing rules-moved to a credit union. They never have anything in print, it's always some rule you have never heard of-and many fees. They need to be sued and closed down. Thieves!

cas [texas_blue_follow cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2005.11.17
Wells Fargo has been abusing me for years. That makes it my fault.... but does it make it legal. They would put a hold on my deposit. In one instance a paycheck from a company I had been depositing everyweek for years. My paycheck had never bounced. When I contacted them and asked them why they had not trusted the check-- I was told "how do we know who you are?"
I replied I have been a customer of yours for years. They also bounced checks of mine when I had money in the account. they agreed they were at fault ...but refused to remove bounced check statistics from my account. does any one have any idea's of how we can stand up for ourselves? Through all these instances the charged unreasnonoble fees to my account Thanks for listening Martha

Martha O\'Brien [ahtramneirbo cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2005.11.22
I am small business owner with all and every account at wells and am more than happy their customer service and fee structure. As I read these postings, seems like many do not keep good banking records and then fault the bank. It's actually very easy, only use the funds one has available....

satisifed wf customer [paperpita cxe aol punkto com] • 2005.12.19

omar [dark punkto side punkto evil cxe gmail punkto com] • 2005.12.20
Hey,you'd love this. I was having some troubles with bills..So, they decide to reject some and kick in fees.

I'm now at $900 NEGATIVE+ and will file BK soon! The bank, their (Excessive interest) loans and the AUTO loan section will ALL take it up the rear!!!

Also, a couple of the "Payday" loan companies will also bend over...Damn,I LOVE legal messes!!!

Genenco [remocon1 cxe netzero punkto net] • 2005.12.25
Wells Fargo is awful. For instance, Wells Fargo only reponds to people who have a lot of money. I've been a loyal Wells Fargo customer for 13 years. A couple of years ago Wells Fargo changed the limit to their minimum saving account balance to $300. When they did that they forced me to close my savings account.

Another grip I have with them are the banker fee's they charge. Everytime I talk to a telphone banker they charge my account $2.00. It's bad enough that we get charged by other people for using our ATM but getting charged by your bank for talking to someone with issues on your checking account is ridiculous.

After the New Year I am definetly going to change my bank.

I'm just sick of fighting the banker charges and mediocre customer service.

Tammy [valleygirl1970 cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2005.12.25
I work for Wells Fargo and I am a very happy employee. Tammy, you are being charged the $2.00 fee because you are asking questions that the automated system could have answered.
For example, account balance, transfers, Direct Deposit Advance, things like that. What I would recommend is to learn how to add and subtract, thats all it is. Simple math. When you make a purchase, subtract it from your check register. If everybody would do that, they wouldnt get charged overdraft fees. I love Wells Fargo, Its a really cool and fun place to work at.

happyemployee [jessica cxe aol punkto com] • 2005.12.30
Happyemployee, you have to be kidding me. That's nice that you are happy working there, but that doesn't mean that it's not ridiculous that WF charges $2 to talk to a person about your account. Who cares if the automated system could have answered it!! I'm sure you have used automated systems before and have gone through the frustration of just wanting to ask your questions and get it done. If we were all robots and thought exactly the same, I'm sure we wouldn't all ask the same question a million different ways (which we do) and then the question we wanted to ask would be the same as one of the automated system. BUT... we aren't robots.

My beef with Wells Fargo is that they say if you make a deposit before 4pm then it will post that day. If it's after 4pm it will post the next day. I made a deposit yesterday around noon and it still hasn't posted today at 5pm. With the weekend starting tomorrow, it probably won't post until Mon. What happens if my rent check posts on Mon and this large deposit still doesn't (as has happened before)... OD OD OD. (And the resulting fees along with it.)

My other beef? I have OD coverage from my (21% interest!!!!!) WF credit card. Instead of just making a cash transfer from the card to cover the OD (like I can do from an ATM) they hit you with a $10 fee. And then when the deposit posts the next day (even though it should have posted the day before the OD) you still can't transfer the money from the web to pay off the credit card. I actually have to go to an ATM to do that.

And DON'T tell me I don't kow how to add and subtract. I use Quicken and PocketQuicken (for my Palm) and enter eveything in. And DON'T tell me I must have bad credit because of the 21% interest WF card... my three other cards only charge me... ahem... 1.9% interest, 2.7% interest, and 7% interest. (No their not intro rates.) WF is cheap, they don't have good customer service, and they make too much money on the fees that they generate for themselves by not sticking to their promises and policies.

My last qualm... I called to get help with connecting Quicken to my checking acct. Without me knowing, and obviously without my authorization, the agent signed me up for a monthly Quicken charge where I would use a special Quicken server that he didn't even set me up to use. He instructed me to use the web and download into Quicken. After a couple months of getting this charge, I called the support line and the person said I was being charged this $3/ mo. extra because I was using a special Quicken server so that I didn't have to log on to and get Quicken info, I could do it right from within Quicken. I told him that I never authorized this, and I had never logged onto this special Quicken server, I always logged on to and downloaded my Quicken info. After escalating the issue to his supervisor's supervisor, I was told that the amount of the fees would be refunded. It never was! And I figured it would cost me more to waste another hour on the phone than to just work for the money. Wells Fargo just plain sucks!

Greg [greglittle cxe gmail punkto com] • 2006.01.06
Oh... I forgot about something else that happened a few months ago. While I was out of the country, my mother added herself to my WF checking account so that she could make deposits into my account for me. Well, in April I got married. My wife and I went into a branch to add my wife to the account and we were told that it couldn't be done. The banker said that only two names could be on the account and that he couldn't take my mother off of the account unless she was present. I explained that my mother lives two states away, but that I could call here. He said that my mom had to physically be present to take her name off the account because the account was opened here. After his manager was "no where to be found" and a half hour had passed, he started saying that this was state law. Yeah, right. I left, having wasted almost 45 minutes. I was pissed. Then it occured to me to go to a different branch a few blocks away. I walked in and started talking to the banker and mentioned what I wanted to do without even mentioning the other situation. Before 20 min. was up, my wife was on the account, my mom was taken off and the banker was setting my wife up with WF online. What a huge pain in the butt! The first guy didn't have a clue what he was talking about... talk about bad customer service!

Greg [greglittle cxe gmail punkto com] • 2006.01.07
Wells fargo sucks. They are always trying to still their customers. I was overcharge 3 time $33 after paying the right amount due. They are just adding $33, $33... It's illogical. Is it legal?

Run away from WF!

Anonymous • 2006.01.10
It is so sad that we live in a country that claims people are free but many of us live in the shackles the rich set up for us to fall in. Wells Fargo was a small bank that has merged with smaller and larger banks. I was a member of one of the larger bank, Norwest in Minnesota. They were the nicest bank and then Wells Fargo was added to the mix. The employees of Wells Fargo that have added "your" two cents (they kept your $32.98 for themselves) to praise Wells Fargo and tell you what a bad money manager are need to keep their mouths shut. They don't care about you and sooner or later no one will care about them because if you go around promoting nastiness and snottiness, you get back what you put out. Enough said about those people.

As for the rest of us screwed out of our money, I sympathize. Even when you can prove bank error: I sat down with a personal banker and we went over my account and I showed her what the bank did. The fees were close to $400 from Wells Fargo's inventive math where the 9th comes before the 5th. After many, many days of ignoring me after she told me she would talk to the branch manager, she went on vacation. When she got back, as soon as my car would pull into the parking lot, she would mysteriously not be there. Even when I had called earlier to find out when she would be in. Three months later I was told she was transferred to another branch and another banker would be happy to help me. Guess what? They only help you if it is within the first 60 days of the error.

Wells Fargo is honest and a fair place... ummmm... no. I am not against banks, just against the cheaters. Washington Mutual is not that bad. They want your business and will actually listen to you. Their ATMs deposit things the next day instead of on the same day and that has caused me problems at the beginning of the month when rent is due, but otherwise, everything has been nice. Wells Fargo is never nice. They smile, but it's never one of those "we're so happy to help you" smiles.

Sara [luckylooloo cxe excite punkto com] • 2006.01.13
I have been banking with Well Fargo since 1992. Up until now, I had a pretty good banking experiences with WF. The Saturday before the Martin Luther King holiday, I deposited 2 checks I had received; one from a well-known Company, another from my daughter. The 2 deposits totaled $927.75. When I went on to online banking on Tues, 01/17, there was a transaction for $500 that I did not recognize. I called WF Online Service; they transferred me to Customer Service. Customer Service first suggested that there might have been a problem with the deposits. They gave me a reference number and said it may take up to 10 days for me to here any results. I explained my frustrations and asked if they would email the reference number. The WF associate said that she did not have access to email; well I asked her would it be possible to maybe walk across the room to someone who did and email the reference number. Well to no avail, the WF associate denied my request for any written confirmation or reference number. I have an account with overdraft protection linked to a very substantial saving account. I was never told that there was a hold placed on the personal check. My question is why are institution allowed to nickel and dime consumers with excessive fees and penalties, yet consumers have absolutely no recourse when institutions error?

WSS [essence cxe yours punkto com] • 2006.01.19
I have been banking with Well Fargo since 1992. Up until now, I had a pretty good banking experiences with WF. The Saturday before the Martin Luther King holiday, I deposited 2 checks I had received; one from a well-known Company, another from my daughter. The 2 deposits totaled $927.75. When I went on to online banking on Tues, 01/17, there was a transaction for $500 that I did not recognize. I called WF Online Service; they transferred me to Customer Service. Customer Service first suggested that there might have been a problem with the deposits. They gave me a reference number and said it may take up to 10 days for me to here any results. I explained my frustrations and asked if they would email the reference number. The WF associate said that she did not have access to email; well I asked her would it be possible to maybe walk across the room to someone who did and email the reference number. Well to no avail, the WF associate denied my request for any written confirmation or reference number. I have an account with overdraft protection linked to a very substantial saving account. I was never told that there was a hold placed on the personal check. My question is why are institution allowed to nickel and dime consumers with excessive fees and penalties, yet consumers have absolutely no recourse when institutions error?

WSS [essence cxe yours punkto com] • 2006.01.19
Wells Fargo charges a $5.00 fee to anyone who I write a check to from my business account who doesnt have an account with them. Hmmm lets see its my money, no lack of money, my bank, my branch, my customer......sorry dont have an account with us that will cost you $5.00 dollars. WRONG it costs me $5.00 dollars. Basically I have to write any check for $5.00 over if the employee or highschool kid helper doesnt have a checking account with them and they wish to cash it at my branch.

That my friends is absurd.

My suggestion Try "Frontier Bank"
and no I dont work for them I actually shopped banks and they dont have these issues most due.

Wells Fargo business alert [ajass cxe hotmail punkto com] • 2006.01.24
In 1994 I deposited my paycheck at the Wells Fargo ATM near the OC Airport. 3 days later I went to take money out of the ATM and realized I had a huge problem. No paycheck, almost a dozen bounced checks. I called the customer "disservice line" to be told by the very snotty customer disservice rep that I should know I had to actually deposit money if I wanted money in the account. I gave her all the information off the receipt that the ATM gave me and she simply called me a liar. That is some customer service. The next day I went into the bank itself where a bitch of a branch manager told me, after checking my ATM receipt and trying to keep it, that there were no checks in the ATM and really, didn't I know I had to actually deposit something to the account to have money in it.

I went to my company and had a stop payment put on my paycheck. I personally went back to Ms Bitch the Branch Manager and told her that if the paycheck was located in the ATM do NOT cash it as it had been cancelled. The very next day the check was "located" in the ATM, cashed, found to be cancelled. My account was charged for the cancellation fee and bounced check fees. It took over 6 months for the idiots at Wells Fargo to figure out I had "really" deposited money in the ATM and that their idiot tellers had lost it. It took over 6 months to get most, but not all, of the check charges reversed. Wells Fargo held me up and screwed me over at every turn as well as making accusations that I was a liar and a thief. No appologies.

November 18, 2005 my car was stolen. I had made a payment for the month of November. In December my insurance company (Allstate..they are wonderful) gave a $12,000 check to Wells Fargo. My monthly payment is less than $300. Also in December Wells Fargo received an additional check for $1,200 for a cancelled service contract on the car making that $13,000 worth of payments where normally they would have received $300. I have Gap insurance which pays off any difference between the loan and the amount of the car value as assessed by the insurance company. I did manage to get Wells Fargo to hold off on me paying the December payment. Damn sweet of them considering they had just received $13,000. Not so in January. I have been turned over to collections. Even though I have tried to get them to contact the Gap Insurers to explain that my claim had been approved and the rest of the loan would be COMPLETELY paid off by the end of January I have had to endure call after call placed by rude, stupid, minimum wage Wells Fargo morons who simply threaten me that I will have "bad credit" if I don't make an immediate payment.

As I right this I have received yet another call. Even though the Gap Insurer sent Wells Crap Fargo a check yesterday, which means that the loan will be completely paid off by the end of the week. I am still being called a liar and a deadbeat and threatened by Wells Fargo employees. These calls are coming in as early as 6 am and as late as 10 pm.

I hope every Wells Fargo employee chokes to death in their own vomit.

Jill [lokisdotter cxe msn punkto com] • 2006.01.26
If you really want to duke it out with some Wells Fargo lovers and Wells Fargo lackeys, and get your story out to another site to possibly help some poor soul avoid a Wells Fargo catastrophe of their own, go to this "Wells Fargo Sucks" website and post your story again!:

This website and others are quite interesting, and I'm relieved but sorry to say I'm not by myself in getting the shaft by Wells. I won't go through my whole horror story here, but it's as many of you have said - Wells Fargo employees can do nothing but call you a liar or a thief when they royally screw up your account.

Fleeced [todd_rauch cxe hotmail punkto com] • 2006.01.26
I've tried for two days to access their website, and it's been down. Anyone else having this problem?

Brandie [brandiewiley cxe sbcglobal punkto net] • 2006.02.10
I've had a Wells Fargo account since 1999 and have had nothing but trouble. However, I was forced to stay with them due to the fact that my first husband had so badly ruined our record with banks that Wells Fargo was th eonly one who would sign me on, even after my divorce. In 2000 I married a British citizen, and in 2001 moved permanently to England. Because of monthly payments due to me from a settlement I had to keep my American account open with Wells Fargo. They claim that their ATM cards are good worldwide, and for a while I had little or no trouble using mine. But within just the past year I have noticed higher rates being taken from my account for the use of ATM machines, and on a number of occasions I have had to call up and cancel the new card I was expecting because the idiots kept losing it in the mail, with the excuse that their system couldn't handle a UK post code! Now, my cards have to be delivered by a courier. Just two weeks ago, a day before I was due to go away for a long weekend, I attempted to withdraw funds from my local ATM. I was refused! I called Wells Fargo and was told to try another machine. I tried FOUR more machines and was again refused. I called Wells Fargo again and was finally told that all Wells Fargo ATM cards being used in the UK were being disallowed in the ATM machines for security reasons! This was the first time I was made aware of this. I had no option left other than to go to a bank and ask for a Cash Advance on my card, which, of course, incurs an even HIGHER fee than the ATM machines!

Cindy [cindy punkto nunn cxe blueyonder punkto co punkto uk] • 2006.02.22
While researching Wells Fargo (for yet another person unfairly treated by them), I came across MANY,MANY complaints. I also found the website for the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) who along with the FDIC oversee and regulate financial institutions, including Wells Fargo. I suggest you file a complaint with them..maybe enough complaints will get something done. Click on the following link, then CONSUMER INQUIRIES, then CONSUMER ASSISTANCE GUIDE.

tr [tarus4216-web cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2006.02.23
Ok, so, I was hospitalized. I was unable to work for two months. I have a Wells Fargo Credit Card... big mistake. Not only did they give me fines because I was late- from being in the hospital, but they raised my interest rate from 14.9% (which it was at 8.9% until a day late payment) to 27.49% and sent me to a collection agency. Can't they be a little more nice on that part. They are not my only bill. I cannot get it changed back for 6 more months. Plus, I tried to get a loan for $1,000 and now I can't. My advice, switch bank accounts, I did 2 years ago, but now I am stuck with their credit card. I love my bank, they are local and they know me by name.

Jen [Jeni3Sky cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2006.02.23
I HATE WELLS FARGO WITH A PASSION! I am so sick of WF, I am a student that works very hard for every penny earned and due to bad economy, am supporting both my husband and I. Needless to say, we live paycheck to paycheck. That's when WF cashes in... I am convinced they have a system that alerts them when your account is low on funds, and THEN is when they decide to take out all their goddamned fees, including their monthly, bill pay, direct deposit, phone call bill?!, and they have the nerve to call it a f***ing "opportunity checking" account... yeah, OPPORTUNITY FOR WELLS FARGO TO ROB YOU! They never seem to want their made-up outrageous fees when there is plenty of money in the acct. They process whatever transaction fits to their convenience in whatever order they please so it ends up f***ing you! Every month I struggle with them and have to end up making 10 calls BEGGING them to reverse THEIR mistakes (or their very disguised ripp-offs). I am through with them. My account is closed.

Ritaliana [ritamubarak cxe hotmail punkto com] • 2006.03.04
I am a Wells Fargo Customer as well. I ran into the same situation, when I contacted their friendly employees through customer service they informed me my bank transactions can be accessed as far as 7 years back, the explained to me I could do this by bringing up a copy of my statement. Hope that helps.

Wanda • 2006.03.06
Okay, I'm not very good at managing my money, humans make mistakes. I'm not apologizing. I am incredibly astonished that Wells Fargo does not block ATM withdrawals when you account is overdrawn. I'm responsible, but, isn't that deliberate entrapment by Wells Fargo if they program their ATMs to accept cash withdrawals on overdrawn accounts because they can then add that wonderful little $33 per transaction? I'm presently researching if this practice is legal. I doubt that every bank does this.

Darlene [drowland cxe bakerlaw punkto com] • 2006.03.27
Wells Fargo is definately organized crime, they are the original Billy the Kid and Jesse James. The only difference is they rob from everyone and make no disguise to hide it. There are absolutely too many complaints here that substantiate each other. As for the Wells Fargo Employees (Drones) that feel the need to stand up for their organization you are not reading or listening what ever the case may be. You are also pre-judging people for not adding and subtracting correctly when you have no clue as to the problem. This isn't surprising though because your corporate office sets the tone of the whole organization. What will be funny in the future is when you cease to be "clone employees" and revert back into "regular customers". Obviously you think treating people with disrespect and indifference is the way to go. Your cocky answers and quick one liners about "keeping registers" just goes to further confirm to anyone who has ever had the misfortune of using WFB that you are the money grubbing idiots everyone here seems to feel you are. Human's error, and God forbid one day you discover that you may be human too. I can only hope that you won't be banking at WFB at that time because they no longer give away the FREE VASOLINE when you open your account there. You will have to take it straight just like all the rest of us.
WFB has risen to an all time low. We recently deposited 30,000 and were socked with a "fee" to count the money and verify the cash was all there. We reassured them we could care less if it was all there or not and were willing to forgo the fee on our end, but if it "made them" feel better to know it was all there then they could pay for it. Imagine, paying them to count your money too? Last time I looked, this is what banks were set up to do. Count your money, keep track of it and give an accurate accounting to you of how much they had left of it in the bank at the end of the month. For the future, if I wanted the opinion of the WFB employees I'd give it to them myself. There is absolutely nothing any of you could ever say to me to convince me that your statements are sane, much less intelligent. You know what they say, keep taking the money out of innocent people's account, because you will reap back to yourself exactly what you sow. So...just keep on tossing aroung that smug I don't have to anwer to anyone attitude and I'm sure someday when you need someone to really care about what you have to say hopefully they'll be willing to listen to your side of the story, at the doctor's office of the nurse you cheated, or at the mechanic's garage of the mechanic you ripped off, shall I go on?

Shawna [honeybplmr cxe aol punkto com] • 2006.03.28
Right from the mouth of the office of the Comptroller of the Currency, who oversees Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Sorry to say, I was told today, that in the Fee Notification that WFB gives regarding checking fees, they are not required by any laws to deny ATM withdrawals when an account is overdrawn. YES, the COC receives many many complaints against Wells Fargo re this issue. NO, not every bank does this. For instance, and I'm definitely not recommending this bank, TCF Bank declines ATM withdrawals when there are not sufficient funds to cover the transaction. I would never use TCF either. I sent an e-mail inquiry to a Bank "Store" Manager of a branch asking whether that policy is more like entrapment and I got no response. It's my belief WFB does not want to acknowledge this behavior. I personally think its criminal.

Annonymous • 2006.03.28
After depositing over a total of over 2.4 million dollars in Wells Fargo over the past ten years, I am DONE with them. I didn't realize that a particular business hadn't run a check through, and subsequently was charged $33 SEVEN TIMES in two days! I went into the branch and threw a fit when they wouldn't even LOOK at the account. Now I've been told that my business is no longer welcomed there.

They won't send these notices via email, because that would give you time to actually fix them!

They won't allow overdraft except to their own credit cards. You can't overdraft to another account, even if that account has thousands of dollars in it, they hit you for the one account that doesn't!

Good riddance to them!!

Annonymous in Utah • 2006.03.31
Has anyone tried Small Claims court for collecting some of these excessive fees? I've banked with WF for years without any problems. A number of excessive fees in the last few months, for a problem too complicated to note here, have made it clear to me I will be closing my account once the dust settles. Guess the "bottom line" is that when there isn't a problem, there isn't a way to see what kind of service they actually provide. Once there is a problem you see that customer service is a misnomer in the Wells Fargo environment.

Annonymous in California [books cxe lmi punkto net] • 2006.04.01
They brought a class action suit against Blockbuster for excessive late fees. Some smart lawyer will do the same to Wells Fargo some day!

Annonymous in Utah • 2006.04.03
I left Wells Fargo after I found that their telephone banking service forces you to enter your ATM PIN over the telephone system. Absolutely mind-blowing security hole.

The phone system is a non-encrypted, easily compromised system. Some phones and systems log keystrokes, and many phones will redial the exact key sequence entered during the entire call, INCLUDING YOUR PIN.

Way to go, WFB.

Anonymous • 2006.04.05
I've read a lot of half truths and mis-representations on this web site-- it's a shame people can't face up to their own mistakes and take responsibility. I work in banking and I know for a fact many of the claims on this board are exagerrated. WF is known in our industry for strong compliance with all state and federal laws-- as well as having the "best customer service in the financial services industry" -- the local bank I work for is currently trying to follow their business model. Of course I have read this same type of venting on Bank of AMerica hate sites and WaMu. Citicorp REALLY has some hate filled customers-- face it, you can't please everyone all the time. WF has 20 million satisfied customers in 23 states-- if they were truly as bad as the posts here they wouldn't have ANY customers.

leslie [lesliecm cxe cox punkto net] • 2006.04.05
It's a bigger shame Wells folks can't face THEIR own mistakes and take responsibility when THEY have royally screwed somebody's account. If you ever wanted to play a shell game with somebody while they totally put your finances in a pinch, then without doubt stay with Wells Fargo. The "best" they can do is refer you to 1-800-no-help-at-all (which you as a customer pay for by the way, even if the problem is all Well's) or one of their absolutely worthless phone banks. They're great at ring-around-the-phone and giving you different dishonest answers every time you talk to one of their clueless service representatives. The main half-truths and mis-representations I have seen on this site are references to Wells being the "best customer service in the financial services industry". Yes - there is customer service at Wells, but FAR from being anything remotely connected to "best". If that's best, then it's like saying Enron was the best corporation out there. Of course the quotes around "best customer service in the financial services industry" really do mean that it is satirical. And yes, they may have 20 million customers, but I sincerely doubt SATISFIED. Pointless arguments are usual - it's like saying in 1998 "if ENRON were truly as bad as some of you whiners make it out to be, they wouldn't have any customers - besides look at all the donations they do and how highly they're rated by some worthless rating company".

SickofWells • 2006.04.07
Okay, I know I am not the greatest in math.....I am more than willing to admit that Wells got a couple of grand in overdraft fees from me last year. Shame on me. At the start of the New Year, I made a resolution to do better on my checking account. I guess Wells caught on to that.....On Jan. 25, I deposited a 1200.00 check into my account through the ATM at 2:00pm. $100.00 was immediately available. The remaining deposit, I assumed would be available the next day. It was. Then, on Jan. 27, it was available until 2pm or so, then it mysteriously dropped off my account, leaving pending charges and checks to bounce and hop all over the place. I called the customer service line and asked why the deposit was going on and off the account. I was told that the deposit was large and it would take up to 10 business days to clear. WHAT?!?! I was scheduled to move out of state on Feb 2, and needed money to do so. The guy told me I could call on Jan 30 and ask a rep to call the bank the check was drawn on to see if it cleared and if so, they would put the deposit on my account as soon as they knew. He also said I would not be responsible for any OD fees in the meantime. Ok, so I called on the 30th. The rep took my information and said they would contact me that afternoon to let me know. The entire day went by and I did not hear from them. I called the next morning and spoke to a manager and was told they showed no documentation on my account that this matter was supposed to be dealt with. After arguing with her and pretty much being accused of just imagining the entire situation ("are you SURE you spoke to someone?"), I convinced her to make the call to the bank. She finally got back to me 4 hours later. Fast forward to last week. I made an ATM deposit at 12:59pm for 147.00. My receipt showed that my available balance was 169.00. The next day, I check online and there was one checkcard purchase for 41.00 and a check that cleared for 46.00. So, 41.00 and 46.00 equal 87.00. My available balance was 169.00, so the money was there. Wells posted those withdrawals BEFORE the deposit. Hmmm, so, add another 66.00 to that 87.00. The rep said that the withdrawals came to them about an hour before the deposit. Back in the olden days....if you made a deposit by a certain time on any given day, the deposit would post for that day. The reps would not budge and well, after the snowball finally got to the bottom of the hill, I paid over 300.00 in OD fees for about 150.00 worth of debits/withdrawals.

karri • 2006.04.25
Hey... you think Wells Fargo is Bad.
Try Bank of America. THEE WORST

james [meemee cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2006.04.28
You can't figure out how it would be difficult to store over 23 million customers' history for over a year for their online banking convienence? Wow.

frost [frst cxe aol punkto com] • 2006.05.10
Frost, in a world in which services like Gmail and Yahoo can give away several thousand times that much storage for free, no, it's not what I would call a difficult problem.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2006.05.11
also wells fargo charges you,2 dollars just to talk to a human being,soon iam gonna get billed just for checking my account balance.

rob [caliwild211 cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2006.06.06
As a former Bank of America, Washington Mutual, AND credit union customer, I do have to say that I have been more than pleased with Wells Fargo for the last year or so.

I'm a college student, so yes, my account is free of fees (and bill pay), as my accounts with the other institutions were as well. My first point I'd like to make is the "disappering pending transaction" issue. I'm not sure if Wells has changed it or not, but my pending transactions stay pending until they post. Wells Fargo is the ONLY institution I've banked with where my personal record balance (I keep track on my computer) is almost always the same as the website. B of A did the disappearing thing... my balance never matched theirs. My credit union simply didn't post transactions or lower the available balance for a few days... also never accurate. I used to overdraft quite often, but haven't done so once with Wells Fargo.

Also, the branch hours are great (open till 4 on Saturdays), and the phone bankers are very friendly. With B of A, if I could actually figure out what button to press to talk to a human (during their business hours only), the person was usually hard to understand and kind of rude. Wells Fargo's have been friendly and clear, and I've never been charged $2 for a phone call.

Honestly, banks have fees, to make profit. If you can keep a decent record of your account, overdraft fees will not be a problem. It is true that banks do reorder transactions per day from greatest to least to maximize overdraft potential. However, deposits still post first, and if you keep track and never go below $0, that simply won't be a problem. Also, all three large CA banks do this. The credit union didn't, but I pretty much had to guess when transactions would post there.

Finally, if you've been with Wells Fargo for 18 years and have had nothing but 17 years of trouble, switch banks! Try B of A, hate them, and try WaMu, and hate them as well.

P.S. I do not work for any bank.

David • 2006.06.10
Here's a tip on not having to pay that 2 dollar fee to talk to a Phone Banker.... Call Wells Fargo's Online Banking, 24 hours a day, at 1-800-956-4442 and you can talk to a personal or business online banker for free. Online Banking does not charge to talk to an Online Phone Banker. Please don't get this confused with a Phone Banker. There are Phone Bankers and Online Phone Bankers. Hope this helps.

David • 2006.06.16
My favorite horror story with Wells Fargo, "The King of Fees" is that I've called into their customer service departments to complain about this and that. 3 different times I was charged the $3 (i think) for the phone calls. I was told the $3 fee was for anyone calling in to ask something that they can find on the website. They overturned the fees, but what I came to find out is that in their system that their reps use they have a button to click to "NOT CHARGE" the customer the $3, instead of having a button to CHARGE the customer. So these reps "forget" to click the button and I keep getting the fees. I've complained to anyone that will listen and they really don't care.

Josh • 2006.07.11
It would be nice if I could, like all of these o’ so happy customer say, write my transactions on a piece of paper as they occur. But if I write down that I have just deposited 100$, than I make an ass of myself when I assume that 100$ will post like the flick of my pen. It doesn’t work like that. I am a college student that doesn’t make enough money to not worry about when that 100$ will post. I cannot afford time delays like that. I don’t live an extravagant life; I eat top roman for lunch and diner. 33$ doesn’t mean a lot to some people, but to me, it’s huge

Janine [janine punkto dickey cxe comcast punkto net] • 2006.07.19
I have never been treated so rudely as I was by an employee from basically any bank establishment. Of course I was closing an account and switching banks. Maybe that had to do with it or Sherri, this texas shammoo, i mean wamu employee just didnt like my skin color. Im still not sure. But Im trying my best to have something done about it. Its the second time she has been out of line with me in the last few months. Don't bank here anybody. You dont want to feel the way she made me feel!

WAMU SUCKS • 2006.07.21
The first line of the Washington Mutual worse than poor customer service notice straight above was meant to say: I have never been treated so rudely in my life as I was by a WAMU SHAMMOO! SHERRY IS WHAT THEY CALL IT! what is the best source to report her actions to as a consumer? anybody?

WAMU SUCKS • 2006.07.21
After reading the letters from WF unhappy on-line customers, I am not going to set up an online account. I do not want to be one of those letter writers, as I am a retiree of Norwest Bank before the merger.

Barbara McLaughlin [mclaughlin cxe srt punkto com] • 2006.07.31

All I can say is that it really appears that Wells Fargo employees are "poisoning the well" here. Call me a paranoid but the comments asking consumers to watch the account balance seems awfully specious when coupled with other practices involved with debit and credit cards.

For instance, why would WF knowingly honor debit transactions when accounts are negative? I was actually told by a WF rep that they did so because "they wouldn't want me to be embarrased by a merchant."

I was then given the pitch to obtain the overdraft VISA card.

It's a rippoff folks and they know it...

Color me magenta. If I don't have the money in my account, then don't honor my transaction....

I'm done with the bank.

Gaviero [hobbesmailer cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2006.08.24
To the guy above: If you dont want to receive overdraft fees, keep track of what you are spending. Overdraft protection is offered not only through a credit card but through a savings acct and you can open a savings acct. for free with only $25.00. If you save $25 a month, which can be done if you'd just have a little discipline, your overdrafts would be covered and you would not be receiving any fees. All this griping is coming from people who by my account all seem to share in common the fact that all of you seem unable or incapable of managing your finances.
STOP YOUR WHINING!!! MONITOR YOUR ACCOUNTS !!! Its not hard. Do not spend more that what you have.

Trust me guy above, the bank isnt going to miss someone like yourself who doesnt really bring much to the table in terms of banking. Shut up and go get a financial education.

Wells Fargo Phone Banker [mrr1980 cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2006.09.30
Oh and to Shawna, regarding Wells Fargo employees becoming customers someday...CHECK THIS OUT...I already am a customer. I have my checking acct with Wells Fargo. I also have a Savings Acct and A credit card linked to my checking acct for overdraft protection. Guess what Shawna. I have gone overdraft twice this year. Here's the kicker Shawna. I GOT NO OVERDRAFT FEE's!!! HEE HEE. You know why Shawna. OVERDRAFT PROTECTION. ITS THAT SIMPLE.


P.S: it was awesome not getting overdraft fees, i was so stoked !!!

Wells Fargo Phone Banker [mrr1980 cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2006.09.30
Wells Fargo's mission statement is now crystal clear to me:

"Thieves charging excessive fees".

WF is non-responsive to customer inquiries. The Online Banking is slow and limited, contrary to their advertising claims. WF is insensitive to customer issues, but quick to assess a fee for every event. WF is an arrogrant, antiquated, bureacracy that all should avoid.

If you have any doubt , just visit any branch and talk to any of the idiots that they hire. Try to get someone to help you or provide a copy of a document for you.

Goodbye forever.

Frank [frankbarrows cxe msn punkto com] • 2006.10.13
To the stupid Wells Fargo Banker
(aka Clerk). First of all you are not a banker and Wells Fargo takes no risks in their unilateral banking relationships. About the bullshit comment regarding the overdraft protection. A $10 fee is assessed to transfer money from your linked savings account or "draft" the overdrawn amount from your credit card. Get your facts straight and get a real job Mr Wells Fargo executive going nowhere.

Frank [frankbarrows cxe msn punkto com] • 2006.10.13
Okay, it's well past time to shut down the comments on this thread. My original complaint was about the poor functionality of Wells Fargo's online banking service, but it seems that WF has a lot of disgruntled customers who will complain anywhere they get a chance. I hope someone at WF is listening, but if so, please understand that the opinions expressed here are those of the individual commenters.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2006.10.30
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