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Text messaging spam

I got my first text message spam the other day. It was on my Nextel phone and promoted "", a seller of Nextel accessories with the motto "It's how business gets fun". Yeah.

The pain of text message spam is a couple of orders of magnitude worse than e-mail spam, between the intrusive nature of getting beeped in the middle of whatever else I am doing and the extra time it takes to dial in and authenticate to retrieve the message.

Unless the spammers have found a way to wardial Nextel subscribers, how did they know to target me? Did Nextel sell them my number? Regardless of whether Nextel is responsible or not, if this continues I will chuck my Nextel phone and subscribe to a different service so fast that Nextel's collective head will spin. (Not like I needed another reason to dislike Nextel.)

Meanwhile, Nextbell is a front for Both have earned some Googlebombing: is an evil text message spammer from hell and is an evil text message spammer from hell, too.

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