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Mexican bus service from Austin, part II

Many thanks to everyone who replied to my previous thread on Mexican bus lines operating in Texas. My research continues. In the spirit of the Tijuana Busboard I rounded up all the Spanish-language papers I could find in Austin and scoured them for bus ads. There were more such papers (a subject for another blog entry) and fewer such ads than I'd have expected; clearly this bus network still relies primarily on word of mouth. Here are scans of all the ads I saw, dated approximately the first week of December 2004, subject to change without notice, your mileage may vary, swim at your own risk, caveat emptor, cave canem:

Although I'm still intrigued by these cross-border bus lines, I'm starting to think that it may be easier to use domestic buses and handle the border crossings on your own, not only to avoid long delays for vehicular crossings, but because that gives you more flexibility in scheduling: there are a lot more connections to choose from in and out of Nuevo Laredo than the handful which terminate in Texas. And I find the idea of doing the border crossing by day and then catching a night bus more appealing than planning to cross the border mid-journey at 3:00 AM. See the comments in my previous post for more info.

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