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From Men With No Lips to the Tower of Babble

I remember some time in the late 80's when the Men With No Lips and Women With Teeth posters first showed up in public places around Houston, and the furor at the rumor that a local arts organization had something to do with them.

I also remember seeing a few of the Tastes Like Chicken and Other White Meat posters around Austin in 2000, but I didn't make the connection.

They are the work of artist Robbie Conal, who estimates that 70,000 of his posters have been wheatpasted around the country. I like some of his work more than others; I don't think anything can quite match the surprise of seeing his original enigmatic pieces at Houston suburban intersections generally devoid of both art and fringe politics. (Via Reenhead.)

Update: Conal's book Artburn is available used from Amazon for just a couple of bucks.

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