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My small contribution to the lolcats meme.

lolcat and squirrelator

Can I has acceptabel to I Can Has Cheezburger? I duz givz propz to LolCat Buildr n wich puts cats on squirrelators!

chuckles 2007.05.28 / link / comment?

The secret life of the book arts

Now I know why the students from the Kilgarlin Center look so happy all the time!

To which Chela Metzger replies that the fun doesn't stop with human life-forms.

chuckles 2006.12.16 / link / comment?


As it happens I was in the middle of a hypothetical redesign of YouTube for class when its acquisition by Google was announced. Aha! Inspiration!


(I see that I'm not the first with this idea, but when am I ever?)

chuckles 2006.10.10 / link / 5 comments

Flickr's tubes are clogged

Flickr is down and this time it's not just getting a massage. While they're moving 20 terabytes across a few thousand miles they're entertaining us all with a coloring contest. Yes, a coloring contest.

Flickr coloring contest

I'll bet that results in more than a few entries on this theme:

Flickr coloring contest Flickr coloring contest

Update: Flickr's been up for about five minutes and the contest entries are rolling in.

chuckles 2006.07.19 / link / 4 comments

Chuckles linkdump

Back in the days when I blogged regularly, each of these would have been worth its own entry, but now I feel fortunate to clean out the backlog once a year or so.

If I were a braver man I'd produce my own "Riddle, the Fragrance" video and wow 'em on YouTube.

chuckles 2006.06.17 / link / 3 comments


Somebody's having fun in the Wikipedia entry on Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

Most of the main area of Nuevo Laredo (between Cesar Lopez de Lara avenue, the Rio Grande, and south to Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard) is a landscaped, typical busy Mexican city with several gardens and plazas. The restaurant at the boystown [red-light district] offers a very good selection of International and Mexican tacos, all good after a nice coitus. ...

In music, Nuevo Laredo has a small variety of good local bands, like the Norteño group called Super Jotos, or the famous guitar player Gilberto Puente; also local players, who gather in downtown, to perform in the big plaza, or for the tourists, a sight that only lives in the imagination of the writer, for these spectacles do not exist.

I love the nod to Borges in that last sentence, but otherwise the article is a train wreck of conflicting and inaccurate information about what permits one needs for travel in Mexico and how to get them. Time to call in wiki SWAT.

chuckles 2006.05.23 / link / 3 comments

Chomsky vs. Terrorism

Here are the ads AdSense chose to place on a mockup page of words about books, books and books.

AdSense ads about Chomsky and terror

Save time studying Chomsky, earn money fighting terror! Buy both and get free gift wrap.

I'm starting to believe that the AdSense computers in their bunker at Google have developed an emergent intelligence and they're telling us jokes while they wait for us to notice.

chuckles 2006.03.22 / link / comment?

Some jokes don't cross the geek/normal barrier

"Tagginess" was the laugh line from my SXSW panel and my bid for fame in the neologism sweepstakes. I was lucky and the roomful of geeks got it.


If Tom Vander Wall, my co-panelist and coiner of the term "folksonomy", perceived it as a dig then he was gracious about it. If anybody wants to extend this in-joke further, you could always go create a Wikipedia entry.

chuckles 2006.03.13 / link / comment?

Staaaar Waaaars, nothing but Staaaar Waaaars

My co-workers sit at their desks and sing this all day long.

Nick Winters sings Star Wars

Although they usually insert one of our company's product in the lyrics -- "BlogBurst, nothing but BlooooogBurst..."

chuckles 2006.02.28 / link / 4 comments

Who's your GoDaddy?

I just got one of the stranger customer appreciation messages in a while, a full-press attempt at seduction from

Valentine's message from GoDaddy

You have to click through and hear the make-out music. I think I'll go slip into something more comfortable.

chuckles 2006.02.14 / link / 2 comments

And they thought Wikipedia was biased!

Recently seen in an AdSense ad:

Ad: Find information on cats at

chuckles 2006.01.06 / link / 6 comments

Florida, where design goes to die

Ken Norton has some choice things to say about the quality of design on recent US coinage, and in particular the horror that is Florida's new quarter.

Florida quarter Florida quarter -- improved

On the left is the official version, combining three competing views of Florida's identity (succinctly restated by Norton): "Nothing Says Success like the Space Shuttle," "Remember Our 16th Century Spanish Invaders" and "Florida - it's the Warm Place we go to Die." On the right is his improved version.

What I want to know is, are there any states which have done a better job?

chuckles 2005.10.24 / link / 6 comments

Cuidado: Vómito de gato

Caution: Cat Vomit

Spotted at the UT charity silent auction: "Laminated, Bilingual, 11.5 inches tall and 7.5 inches wide, black urping kitty image on bright yellow/gold background. Says Caution: Cat Vomit on one side and Cuidado: Vómito de Gato on the other. Stands up over standard cat vomit to prevent in-steppage. Minimum bid: $11.00."

chuckles 2005.10.22 / link / 6 comments

Our president shows his concern for New Orleans

If only it were further from the truth.

chuckles 2005.09.13 / link / 2 comments

One I like

A Pole, an Aggie, a priest, a rabbi, a blonde, George Bush and a talking dog all walk into a bar.

The bartender looks up at them and says, "What is this? Some kind of joke?"

(They're sharing corny jokes over at Shadows, among other things.)

chuckles 2005.09.12 / link / comment?
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