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South by you name it

I've been collecting South by South West spin-off names.

South by So What (the mother of all counter-SxSW festivals)
South by South First
South by North Loop
Yeast by Mouth Beast (I think)

and my favorite, if I caught this right:
My Back Yard by My Back Yard

austin 2003.03.11 link


I've heard of one called South by East Austin, but that could be a typo.

Arabella • 2003.03.11
Thanks for blogging the SxSWhat site. It's run by my friend Mark. It lives on the same site as

Chip [chip ARROBA unicom PUNTO com] • 2003.03.11
On the South by So What site, they name the following:

South By South Austin
South By South Congress
South By South First
South By South Lamar
South By South Of The Capitol

jeremy [jeremy ARROBA kraybill PUNTO net] • 2003.03.11
I think a couple years ago there was a "Fuck by Fuck You." Very punk.

kmel [kmel ARROBA excitementmachine PUNTO org] • 2003.03.11
South by San Jose. I hear Tina & the B-side movement will play there.

Years ago, I attended a show during SXSW called "nukes by no nukes." Another called "surf by surfwest" (still have my badge!).

Adam Rice • 2003.03.12
It's over now, right? Did I miss anything? Oh, Richard Florida gave a keynote, I've been meaning to whine and sneer at his book. Just dropped by to say that my Xmas CD was waiting for me when I got back from Brazil. Thanks, Mission Control Man!

colin brayton [iggy ARROBA hairyeyeball PUNTO net] • 2003.03.13
t-shirt I've seen: SXSWSUX

just got back from:
Free by No Charge (@Flipnotics)

Some year I'll be hosting:
or SxSWhatever
(a' la )

Ms.G • 2003.03.16
South by South Paw
South By South America
South By South Pole
South By South Park

Carl Webb [carlwebb1965 cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2004.02.20
There have actually been 7 Fuck by Fuck You's and the 8th one is tomorrow. There is a spin-off party of alt country stuff happening today called fuck by fuck y'all

leee ACG [lee cxe australiancattlegod punkto com] • 2006.03.17
It's actually Yeast by Sweet Beast, experimental music!

Christi • 2006.03.19
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