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Noam Chomsky invites Turkey to try him

I can't say I always agree with Noam Chomsky's arguments (whether political or linguistic), even the portions I understand. But I've got to hand it to him for standing up for his beliefs. When his Turkish publisher faced jail time for "separatist propaganda" in that country, Chomsky appeared in court and invited authorities to name him as codefendent. Rather than proceed under international scrutiny, the judge dropped the charges. Quoth the Horsies: "Noam Noam Noam Noam Chomsky Chomsky Chomsky Chomsky!" (Via Metafilter.)

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I read some of the comments about Noam Chomsky, and even I have my reservation about a jew thinker I think he's the brighter mind in this century, and he is telling the USA all the criticism it deserves plus denouncing the military complot to dominate the world; no doubt he knows what it's talking about lenguistic and socially, we need more voices like him to figth this pentagon world of life period.

Leo Arguello [larguello47 ARROBA hotmail PUNTO com] • 2003.01.09
Leo, I'm not sure what you mean by the reference to Chomsky as a "jew thinker" [sic]. Assuming that you're not intentionally trying to provoke flames in response, then I guess I should let you know that a lot of people would be pretty seriously offended by that phrase for two reasons: (1) singling out his Jewish background sounds like plain old ugly antisemitic prejudice, and (2) in polite speech "Jew" is a noun and the proper adjective is "Jewish" (one of those tricky distinctions by which English marks racist slurs, like "Mexican" (when referring to a U.S. citizen of Mexican heritage) vs. "Mexican-American", or the history of "n*gger" vs. "colored" vs. "negro" vs. "black" vs. "African-American").

The main point being that Chomsky isn't a "jew thinker"; he's a thinker who, yes, happens to be of Jewish background.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle ARROBA io PUNTO com] • 2003.01.09
you're rigth and I apologise for that, knoledge doesn't belong to a particular group or nation it's from all humanity.

leo [larguello47 ARROBA hotmail] • 2003.01.09
Noam does have a lot of guts; I wonder if I had done the same thing what the Turks would have done in response. I might have been very interesting, at least for a brief period. Unfortunately, my upcoming book will not only probably not be published by a Turk, it hasn't even reached the conceptual stage. What was Noam's book about, anyway?

Bill Van Eimeren [upekshaman ARROBA hotmail PUNTO com] • 2003.01.12
Hey, Bill! Thanks for stopping by!

Good question about Chomsky's Turkish book. The news reports all say it is entitled American Interventionism and describe it as a collection of translations of his recent essays and lectures. Since that title doesn't seem to correspond to any his U.S. publications in particular, I'd guess the Turkish publisher must have made his own selection from them.

Reportedly the Turkish authorities were most upset by his remarks about their treatment of the Kurds. Putting some keywords into Google turns up for instance this excerpt from his 1999 edition of Fateful Triangle: The United States, Israel, and the Palestinians. I'd guess that's probably the sort of thing in the book.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle ARROBA io PUNTO com] • 2003.01.12
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