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David Dill on accountable voting systems

One of the oddities about my job is that I, aprendiz de todo that I am, have been writing most of the blurbs for my employer's webcast archive for the past seven years. We've racked up over 150 archived talks in that time -- not too shabby, given the limited resources available, even if the production values haven't always been what we wish they were (and the website is looking every bit of its age!)

I haven't mentioned many of the webcasts here, in part because I don't blog much about work (this isn't a kiss-and-tell blog that way, either) and in part because the webcasts haven't always been all that compelling from my point of view. In particular the political ones lead me to follow the rule about not saying anything if I can't say something nice.

But the one I archived today brings too many worlds in collision for me to ignore it. The Battle for Accountable Voting Systems is a lecture that e-voting activist and Stanford CS prof David Dill gave a couple of weeks ago. His talk strikes a balance between lay accessibility and geek rigor and it's followed by a lively panel discussion (there's some actual interaction among the participants!) that includes Adina Levin of EFF-Austin/ACLU/Austinbloggers fame.

Bottom line: if you don't want the next election to be stolen by forces even more insidious than hanging chads, let your county commissioners and state legislators know that all election systems must include a voter-verifiable audit trail (which in 2004 technology means a paper trail). Listen to the webcast for more info.

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