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Seeking Sadun's score

I'm looking and can't seem to find the election results for Lorenzo Sadun's write-in campaign for District 10. I want to know how much of a dent he made in McCaul and how it compares to other write-in campaigns in recent history.

So far all I can find is a report of 83.7% for Republican McCaul and 16.3% for Libertarian Fritsche. Surely Sadun should have at least a small piece of that. The Statesman and Houston Chronicle results don't show write-ins at all. Is that because they're clueless or does it mean that the official results don't include write-in votes yet?

Hey -- maybe Sadun won and we won't know it until a manual write-in count is finished! :-)

causes 2004.11.03 link


The Travis County results show that he got 12.88%. I would guess that he got less than that outside of Travis.

Paul • 2004.11.03
So it's because the papers are clueless. No surprise there. :-)

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2004.11.03
It was 5.86% total, according to the Secretary of State. A little over half of what the Libertarian got.

stepan • 2004.11.03
Wow. That kind of surprises me that he got that much less than the Libertarian candidate. I guess that's due to a lack of awareness as opposed to difficulty with the write-in process or perhaps a combination of both?

ttrentham [todo cxe thechunk punkto com] • 2004.11.03
Lack of awareness, I'm sure. The libertarian would surely have polled in the low, low single digits if Sadun had been on the actual ballot.

Not running *somebody* was a ridiculous decision by the democratic party. What if McCaul had done something similar to Jack Ryan in Illinois, and completely discredited himself between the primary and the general election? There *has* to be an alternative.

And I wouldn't necessarily say the papers are clueless. You don't know what kind of data feed they got from the county clerks.

Paul • 2004.11.03
Would really like to see Sadun in the democratic primaries for 2006. He now has experience and his name is out there.

voter • 2004.11.04
Its hard to do a write in on the Harris County electronic ballots, too.

Eric in TX • 2004.11.04
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