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If we pretend kids don't have bodies maybe they won't use them

The latest news about Texas "health" textbooks reminds me of a project I've been meaning to get to for years:

I want to start postering around middle and high schools for Scarleteen, Planned Parenthood and OutYouth.




Anybody with me?

causes 2004.11.06 link


Badger has a loosely related idea.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2004.11.09
wow, I was just commenting to say that very thing.

badgerbag [lizzard cxe bookmaniac punkto net] • 2004.11.09
too bad you can't access scarleteen or outyouth websites from high school campuses.

drublood [drublood cxe mindspring punkto com] • 2004.11.12
Good point. There are ways around that, but they'd presumably violate school policy. I wonder about Austin public libraries?

Fortunately, I think we're at the point where a majority of high school kids have access at home. although not all the ones with greatest need (and they'd still need to find some private time on the computer).

Oh, yeah, Planned Parenthood and OutYouth also have phone numbers.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2004.11.12
Ah man, good to see Scarleteen get a shout out. Such a great site.

Ellen [helliemae cxe gmail punkto com] • 2004.12.07
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