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Our president shows his concern for New Orleans

If only it were further from the truth.

chuckles 2005.09.13 link


Hey Prentiss - are you being evacuated? Please drop me a line if you can. I'd like to know where you're at - literally or figuratively!

Mel [chandrasutra cxe gmail punkto com] • 2005.09.23
How thoughtful of you to ask! Austin is about 150 miles from the coast so there's no evacuation for us. There had been talk of Rita coming straight this way and perhaps being as strong as a category 1 hurricane when she got here, but since then she's veered to the east and will most likely miss us. The only hazards here have to do with shortages at gas stations and grocery stores.

In fact they're now giving us only a 30% chance of rain -- pity, as we could have used a break in this 100-degree heat. I'm sure the organizers of the Austin City Limits Festival are relieved, though.

Here away from the misery of the evacuation, people have been secretly excited by the prospect of a little old hurricane. Me included, I must sheepishly say.

I once unintentionally rode out a hurricane in Galveston. I was then the spouse of a medical student who was on duty the day before the storm was to hit and the med school made no provision to shelter or evacuate its staff. So we closed the hurricane shutters of the old victorian house we were living in, built up on piers like all those constructed in the aftermath of the 1900 storm, and hoped for the best. As it turned out that hurricane veered east and missed us, too. The air in Galveston was blue with barbecue smoke for the next few days, the islanders' idea of hurricane preparedness being to stock up on meat and charcoal so they could cook out until the power was restored. Hurricane or not, the island was one big block party afterward. It's sort of shocking to see that the Galvestonians have evacuated this time -- the "BOIs" (as those born on the island liked to be called) always laughed at us mainlanders who would run away from storms.

Anyway, we're high and dry in Austin.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2005.09.23
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