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Florida, where design goes to die

Ken Norton has some choice things to say about the quality of design on recent US coinage, and in particular the horror that is Florida's new quarter.

Florida quarter Florida quarter -- improved

On the left is the official version, combining three competing views of Florida's identity (succinctly restated by Norton): "Nothing Says Success like the Space Shuttle," "Remember Our 16th Century Spanish Invaders" and "Florida - it's the Warm Place we go to Die." On the right is his improved version.

What I want to know is, are there any states which have done a better job?

chuckles 2005.10.24 link


Some quarters I like:

Connecticut, Maryland, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Vermont, Mississippi, Missouri (despite the Mint screwing it up), Texas, Kansas.

The problem with most of them is that they don't take use the round shape of the coin to the best effect. Also, most states tried to fit too many things onto the coin, rather than focus on a single attractive element.

And yet, none of the designs ever had a chance for real beauty. The problem with the whole series is that it is struck in low relief - there is very little of a "3-D effect". Compare the very flat designs on any of the state quarters with the beautifully sculptural eagle on the reverse of the old design and you'll see what I mean. Even old George suffers in comparison.

I looked a both a 1965 quarter the other day and a few of my favorites listed above, and the old design still outshined them. My guess is that most circulating 50 State Quarters will be completely illegible in 40 years. What a sad lost opportunity.

Matt [nobody cxe nowhere punkto com] • 2005.10.24
Vermont's quarter is great it has white people! (joke) Texas messeed up they should've just made a regular quarter twice the size.

elenamary [elenamary cxe hotmail punkto com] • 2005.10.25
And I suppose you're going to tell me that New Mexico should have used the slogan "Cleaner than regular Mexico".

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2005.10.25
I guess that settles the age old astronaut-pirate rivalry. Where are the ninjas?

sean [banksean cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2005.10.25
What design firm did the gov. hire to do this or are these government employees? Why does the government ignore the importance of good design? Slashdot had an awesome article on the subject a few months back.

Jeremy [eden2zion cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2005.10.28
Contact"UNO-UFO"international science-popular magazine.

Teymur [unoufomaqazine cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2007.07.04
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