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And they thought Wikipedia was biased!

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chuckles 2006.01.06 link


Actually, there may be something to this.

ttrentham [ttrentham cxe thechunk punkto com] • 2006.01.06
NEWS FLASH: Internet collapses under weight of cat photos.

Curtis [curtis cxe aokeh punkto com] • 2006.01.06
wow, that snapfish thing really is bad.

curious george [batgirl00 cxe juno punkto com] • 2006.01.12
Uma época, na Widipedia em português, houve uma briga por conta de neo nazistas dando definições fofas sobre o "movimento". Ninguém chiou ainda com esse sujeito do pet shop? By the way, amei os CDs que vc mandou. Sabia que as Cansei de Ser Sexy abrem os shows da minha amiga Rosália, das Mercenárias? Gosto das minas. No mais, Feliz Ano Novo, Prentiss!

Mina [neuza punkto paranhos cxe gmail punkto com] • 2006.01.28
Who says this? It is nothing like so. Wikipedia is not biased at all. It provides you with enough good and informational links.

jerry [34_jerry cxe hotmail punkto com] • 2006.02.11
Why we love Wikipedia: 700-word entry on Nose-Picking. With one scholarly reference and six outbound links.

(Via Badgerbag.)

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2006.02.24
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