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Somebody's having fun in the Wikipedia entry on Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

Most of the main area of Nuevo Laredo (between Cesar Lopez de Lara avenue, the Rio Grande, and south to Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard) is a landscaped, typical busy Mexican city with several gardens and plazas. The restaurant at the boystown [red-light district] offers a very good selection of International and Mexican tacos, all good after a nice coitus. ...

In music, Nuevo Laredo has a small variety of good local bands, like the Norteño group called Super Jotos, or the famous guitar player Gilberto Puente; also local players, who gather in downtown, to perform in the big plaza, or for the tourists, a sight that only lives in the imagination of the writer, for these spectacles do not exist.

I love the nod to Borges in that last sentence, but otherwise the article is a train wreck of conflicting and inaccurate information about what permits one needs for travel in Mexico and how to get them. Time to call in wiki SWAT.

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