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Chuckles linkdump

Back in the days when I blogged regularly, each of these would have been worth its own entry, but now I feel fortunate to clean out the backlog once a year or so.

If I were a braver man I'd produce my own "Riddle, the Fragrance" video and wow 'em on YouTube.

chuckles 2006.06.17 link


*Gasp* ... you don't blog regularly?

Heh. Found you from a page linked on the NYTimes. I just *knew* you'd be one of the links on Language Log and I wasn't disappointed.

Know of any jobs in Austin for smart generalists? ;-)

ataraxy [ataraxy cxe graduallydisappear punkto com] • 2006.06.21
Maybe we need to start the League of Smart Generalists and issue a standard hat and cloack, at least until the revolution, when we'll have to doff our uniforms lest we're the first to go up against the wall.

The Brazilian Institute of Oriental Studies - that must have been deliberate!

Also, Strindberg and Helium, now four years old I think and still high-larious.

xian [xian cxe pobox punkto com] • 2006.07.10
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jacklaidlaw [jack cxe mailme punkto com] • 2006.10.31
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