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As it happens I was in the middle of a hypothetical redesign of YouTube for class when its acquisition by Google was announced. Aha! Inspiration!


(I see that I'm not the first with this idea, but when am I ever?)

chuckles 2006.10.10 link


Too funny! You forgot "Things Blown Up", "Newscasters Bloopers", and "Street Fights"

davidnunez • 2006.10.10
Great idea, you may not have been the first and wont be the last, but this type of acquisition is massive for the web, Google is taking over!

RC Cars Nut [cory cxe rc-car-mania punkto com] • 2006.10.11
This site must have been the first, I think its been up for the longer time

john [hanapkotse cxe gmail punkto com] • 2006.10.13
well since it wasn't a total merger, google is still over u tube, shouldn't it be "googube" or "googlu" "googu" That reminds me, I saw baby shirts with "googoo" on them in that colorful lettering.

SZ [sz cxe fabsville punkto com] • 2006.12.02
Bill Gates says i didn't ask anyone to buy microsoft stock, then why microsoft is listed in stock market.I read this at

Naveen [rockindia cxe hotmail punkto com] • 2007.02.19
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