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Finding peace with bermuda grass

Seems like I spend half my time in the garden cursing vile bermuda grass, but some people figure out how to live with it. For instance, this small wildflower meadow bordering the Moore-Hancock Farmstead in Austin has a bunch of native annuals and perennials and a few exotics looking quite happy among the bermuda.

The Moore-Hancock Farmstead is itself a pretty interesting place. In other parts of the world it wouldn't be unusual, but in Austin it's remarkable to walk down a street of postwar tract houses and find an 1849 farmhouse.

Hmm -- I see that the Judge John Hancock who gave his name to the homestead (and later to nearby Hancock Drive) used it to house slaves, who also happened to be his kin. After Emancipation one of his slaves and half-nephews, Rubin Hancock, founded another historic farmstead in Austin.

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