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Spring gardening daydream

If I had four hours to spare in Austin* (and no sleet on the ground) I'd get started with my spring gardening.

First I'd take the drive out to John Dromgoole's Natural Gardener and load up on some bag-it-yourself Lady Bug Brand compost and mulch. I'd bring along an apple for the girls to feed to the donkeys and we'd see if we could find our way through the labyrinth. Of course I'd pore over the plants in their greenhouses, too, even though it's still early to set out my usual tomatoes or peppers (maybe I'd go ahead and take the risk on some herbs, though).

Then I'd go home and double-dig my beds, work in the compost and cover up with mulch. I would probably use up more than four hours and end the day blistered and sore, but dreaming of flowers and fresh tomatoes.

(* This is written for Austin Blog Day on the chosen theme, "four spare hours in Austin". See the other pieces at

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