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City of Austin native landscape plant booklet

The City of Austin's Grow Green program is distributing its Native and Adapted Landscape Plants list as a beautiful free full-color booklet at nurseries around town. It includes detailed info about the plants in table form as well as mouth-watering photos of every plant on the list.

I've seen similar information in the form of photocopied texts available from volunteer gardening groups, but it's great to see it made available not only at specialty organic and native-plant nurseries but at places like Home Despot where less clueful gardeners buy their plants.

It's also gratifying to see the list in complementary online and hard-copy formats. If you're like me, you don't always have access to your gardening library when you're daydreaming about the garden, nor do you haul a laptop around when you're prowling nurseries or digging in the dirt. And as nice as the online photos are, the printed glossy versions are even better.

Turk's cap mountain laurel big tooth maple
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