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Waiting for tadpoles

Inspired by worldwide amphibian decline, I've made my first foray into water gardening by building a small frog and toad pond.

This is what it looks like after the initial planting. Hopefully the mint (leftmost terracotta pot), maidenhair fern, marsh marigold, river fern, and horsetail will thicken up a bit and provide cover for the froggies. The Texas betony (right) is already happy and putting out blooms.

Now I'm watching for tadpoles. Supposedly I can wait for the frogs and toads to find my pond, but if I find an ample supply of local tadpoles somewhere I may stock it myself.

I found Robyn's Tub Pond Page helpful in getting started, as well as her general amphibians page and her notes on mosquito control. Herps of Texas: Frogs and Toads has details on native species. I bought the true pond plants (marsh marigold and horsetail) at pond specialists Emerald Garden, the rest at my usual haunts. Now that I've got my own thimble-sized pond I probably won't be able to resist attending the Austin Pond Society Tour June 21-22.

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