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Malini explains the Passion

When Uma started asking questions about Christianity last Christmas, Malini took it on herself to explain things to her little sister.

the passion according to Malini

Here's a picture she drew. It seemed a bit too gruesome to post at the time, but maybe it's more appropriate for the upcoming Easter holidays. Note the helpful schematic on the right and the pictographs for "no water" and "no food" on the lower left. I'm especially taken with the look on Jesus' face, and what I first thought to be Jiminy-Cricket-style antennae but must actually be the crown of thorns.

The girls, being raised a sort of "Hindutarian" hybrid, know lots of other gruesome stories (cf Malini's earlier picture of Kali) so I shouldn't be surprised that they begin their understanding of Christianity through the story of Jesus suffering on the cross. If it's any consolation, they're also fond of baby Jesus and baby Krishna and can tell you about some of the parallels between their births.

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