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Kayaking at Canyon of the Eagles

We went out with two other families for a short spring break this week at the LCRA park up on the far northern end of Lake Buchanan.

The Canyon of the Eagles facilities were gorgeous and we had fun just hiking around. The area is lovely and will be a wildflower orgy in a few weeks. But the high point of the trip was a kayaking expedition we took one afternoon. Most of us were first-time kayakers, but Tony, the very nice guide and boat captain from Lake Buchanan Adventures, showed us the ropes. Malini and even Uma took their turns at paddling. (More pix.)

The Falls Creek Falls where Falls Creek tumbles into the Colorado River may not be Niagara, but they're beautiful just the same. According to Tony, before Lake Buchanan was dammed they fell into a deep and tree-shaded pool that had long been a sacred meeting spot for Comanches and other tribes. I'd like to find out more about the place, perhaps even some photos of what it looked like before the dam was built, but I haven't been able to locate anything online. Sounds like a trip to a real paper library may be in order.

On the way back we took the tour at Longhorn Cavern and also let the girls slide to their doom on the infamous inflatable Titanic in Marble Falls.

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