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Sippy cup art gallery

Labels from Uma's preschool sippy cup days.

sippy cup art sippy cup art
sippy cup art sippy cup art

Before Uma could drink from a regular cup, part of my weekday routine was to label a spill-proof cup of milk with her name every morning. Over time it evolved into what you see here. Animals, food, princesses and sisterly love were common themes, but I'm especially fond of the ones which commemorated what was blooming in the garden at the time and other events of the day. If you like Where's Waldo games, try finding a burnt dinner, Uma jumping between her bed and her sister's, our pea-brained cat, a sore throat, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, a clock that's running late, Darwinian evolution, a violin case full of money, and the infamous skunk invasion.

Thanks to her mom and nanny for saving these.

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