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Sisterly love is a complicated thing

"Uma I love you but sometimes you get in the way."

Uma I love you

I found this buried on my desk. Judging by the spelling it must be a couple of years old.

kids 2004.08.29 link


Apocalyptic levels of poignant cuteness there. Is that your intellectual property, or can I use that line on my cat, for instance? And if Neuza says something similar to me in Portuguese (as she often does) is it covered by your copyright? If "My Sweet Lord" is about God (and also lacks the "doo-wang doo-wang-doo-wang") while "He's So Fine" is about some guy, how can they be the same song?

Colin [cbrayton cxe blogalization punkto nu] • 2004.08.31
Krsna is everyman, who can dance with a thousand cowmaids and make each feel that she has his undivided attention (the Hindu answer to the loaves and fishes story).

So clearly My Sweet Lord is every song.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2004.08.31
Ahhh, that is the most clearly expressed statement of individuality and love.
Cuteness for a week, even in a hurricane.

Camilo [camilo cxe confusedkid punkto com] • 2004.09.03
First thought best thought!

Mel [mel cxe htmel punkto net] • 2004.09.04
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