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Weasel Trek Austin

Malini and Uma have a visitor: Vilse the weasel is on a trip around the world and has stopped in Austin. So far Vilse has been to some of the places that keep Austin weird -- Toy Joy, Conan's, Vulcan, Waterloo and the Drag. If the weather's nice maybe Vilse will do some outdoor sightseeing this weekend.

Vilse the weasel at Toy Joy Vilse the weasel at Vulcan Video

I'll be putting up pictures from Vilse's Austin adventures here (gallery 1, more to come) and you can follow her further journeys on her page at

Would you be interested in hosting Vilse? There's a waiting list at Weasel Trek, but I could put in a good word for a regular reader here who makes her a nice offer. She's itching for some international travel so the further afield the better. (Jez? Mermaid? Neuza?) You don't need a blog, just a commitment to send photos to Weasel Trek and pass Vilse along after her visit with you is over.

kids 2005.01.05 link


I think I'm going to Oaxaca in late February, if that would suit Vilse's fancy. :)

Rachel [rachel cxe waterlilies punkto org] • 2005.01.05
Thanks, Rachel! That would be great but I think Vilse hopes to be on her way a bit sooner, like maybe next week...

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2005.01.05
Great pics! (always nice to see the fabulous Toy Joy) I know Durham isn't exactly the fun center of the universe but if Vilse would like to see NC, we'd love a visit

georg [georg cxe nc punkto rr punkto com] • 2005.01.07
whoa!! i can't believe there's .... a giant mural of "hi how are you" on the drag?!!! I'm blown away.

badgerbag [lizzard cxe bookmaniac punkto net] • 2005.01.08
Sure, on the side of the old Sound Exchange. Here's a bit of history. I can't believe the new occupants of the space claim it cost them $50K not to paint over the mural! What, did they fly in art restorers from the Vatican or something?

I've still never (knowingly) heard a Daniel Johnston song.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2005.01.08
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