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The trouble with all-mom garage bands

My sister, whose mom-rocker band Frump split up a few months back, revived it for one gig: a commercial for Genie garage door openers.

Genie commercial featuring Frump


kids 2006.04.27 link


If only some clubs here in Austin had a garage door like this and I had the remote...

donturn [don cxe donturn punkto com] • 2006.04.27
You have a very hip sister. Which one is she?

Jim Thompson [jim punkto thompson cxe pobox punkto com] • 2006.04.27
She's the drummer, so ironically you never see her in the video.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2006.04.27
Wow! I loved the Frump's music - and the commercial is funny. Is it true that they broke? What a pity!

Mina [neuza punkto paranhos cxe gmail punkto com] • 2006.04.28
Wow, pretty cool, thanks for sharing that, funny commercial spot.

each note music blog [joe cxe eachnotesecure punkto com] • 2006.05.10
Very cool! The expressions on the kid's face are excellent. Thanks for sharing.

M Sinclair Stevens [msinclairstevens cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2006.05.28
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