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"Learn the original vampire language"

Goths meet rappers in Romanian 379.

Poster for Romanian REE 379
East European hip hop + Dracula's language
Romanian REE 379 in Fall 2003
Reasons for taking Romanian:
  • Learn the original vampire language
  • The only Romance language in the former Communist Bloc
  • Learn language through Romanian hip-hop/rap
  • Visit the most beautiful churches and castles in Europe on a small budget
Taught by way experienced native Romanian instructor, Emil Nicolescu, MA, and 2003 Slavic and East European Poetry Slam prize-winning rap artist

This is from a flyer spotted in Batts Hall the first week of classes. I guess there aren't enough Romance language nerds and cross-training Slavists to fill up the section. An A to Nicolescu for effort and I hope he met his quota. (I also hope someone else designs the covers of his CDs.)

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