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So that's what that means

Jason Archer and Paul Beck's great video for the Molotov song Frijolero prompted me to revisit some of the lyrics in the song I hadn't quite gotten.

For those of you who didn't catch it when the song came out, Molotov is a leading group in Mexican rock and rap. Their drummer is a norteamericano who grew up in Mexico, permitting them to turn Frijolero into a gem of bilingual maledicta. The premise is that a racist American and an equally blunt Mexican exchange views (ahem) on border policy in various flavors of English and Spanish, with no holds barred in the choice terminology. That's led to lots of amusing instances of different parts of the song being censored on different sides of the border.

Thanks to the detailed explanation and translation of the song by Alan Wall -- whose politics I disagree with but I have to say he's very fair in presenting Molotov's -- I now know what all those words mean! Well, almost. (Does pinche have the literal translation he gives it?)

Molotov: Frijolero video

Even if the song never caught your ear, the video is a must. The appearance of Mexican general Santa Anna in the back of an INS van is particularly inspired. Archer and Beck's other videos are also worth exploring.

P.S. This mysterious mouse appears in the video, too. At least I don't think they have koalas in Mexico.

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