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Waking Life: terrific tango but no ukulele

Today I picked up the Waking Life soundtrack, which is just what it should be: strictly the original compositions for the movie performed by Austin's Tosca Tango Orchestra. Absolutely lovely music, which for the most part stands quite well on its own. My one regret is that they couldn't have slipped in Guy Forsyth's fingerstyle ukulele piece, which as far as I know is also original for the movie. I'm just discovering Hawai'ian music and the power of the deceptively simple ukulele, so Guy's short bit made my jaw drop.

People on the Waking Life discussion board are keen to talk about coincidences and synchronicities between the movie and their lives. Well, here's one for me: for years now I've been hauling around a poster, cherished souvenir from a previous life, published in Mexico City in the '80s that features Wonder Woman and masked Mexican activist Superbarrio flanking a rocket-like condom along with the words "¡Usemos el condón!" (let's use a condom). Last year in the moves surrounding our remodel it disappeared, and I've given it up for lost. But in one scene in Waking Life, rendered with so little detail that I don't think anyone unfamiliar with the poster could read it, there it is on the wall!

Many people who see Waking Life have the "madonna-on-a-tortilla" sensation that its details are speaking directly to them; the poster and Guy's ukulele piece contributed to mine.

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