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Master slash Commander

It was a good movie and a ripping yarn, but I'm sure I can't have been the only person watching Master and Commander who thought of Kirk and Spock. Which means the slash fiction must already be proliferating. I think I'll refrain from typing "Master slash Commander" into Google, thank you very much.

movies 2003.11.20 link


I did it for you. I got stuff about Guns 'n' Roses. And some stuff about the movie. There did, however, look to be some fanfic-y stuff in there...

Anonymous • 2003.11.21
Prentiss I saw the movie and liked it. Your Kirk/Spock observation is appropriate I think though probably more so in the context of the movie than the books. There is an incident in the first novel, for example, where Jack Aubrey’s ship encounters a vessel the crew of which has been stricken by plague. Stephen Maturin wants to board her and render aid if possible. Jack Aubrey orders his men to leave the scene immediately, regardless of the possibility of helping others; he knows he risks infection of his crew if they have anything to do with the infected ship and, besides, they risk being quarantined themselves, thus impeding his quest for boodle. His logic—or at least his calculations—prevail over Maturin’s sentiment. One thing largely missing from the movie is the veiled slapstick of the novels: Aubrey escaping from Bonapartist France by dressing up as a bear, for example, or capturing a mugger in the park and taking him home to “sell” to Maturin. Aubrey and Maturin can be a terrifically funny couple, more suggestive of Laurel and Hardy than of Kirk and Spock. Check it out.

bruce [bmccands1 cxe aol punkto com] • 2003.12.03
I've only read the books (not all twenty...more like four) and I'm a bit reluctant to go see the movie. I mean, do movies usually measure up to the books they're based on? It did garner an awful lot of praise and awards, so I might be persuaded to go rent the DVD. I’ve noticed the Guns n’ Roses thing too, whenever I look for slash on google. Either that, or Slash’s Snakepit. It makes me wonder what people have to type in if they’re looking for GNR slash (‘Slash slash’?).

bubblegun • 2004.04.25
I thought the movie was nicely done and recommend it. Certainly it's a simplification of the various themes that run through the 5,000-odd pages of the novels, but it still seemed exciting and elegant to me.

bruce [bmccands1 cxe aol punkto com] • 2004.04.28
Yes. I see what you mean. The whole Spock/Kirk thing. The smirky looks. I swear they are flirting onscreen. But I love Paul Bettany who plays Dr. Maturin. It takes one helluva man to make Rusell Crowes' charcter gay. I will be slashing them immeadiately

Psyche [BeautyBecks cxe hotmail punkto com] • 2004.06.07
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