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Slacker is lacking

JM Branum notes that Dazed and Confused is coming out on DVD, but last I checked Slacker was still only only available on VHS. Amazon is even out of stock on that, although plenty of copies are available used.


What's more annoying is that the VHS version is abridged. I didn't watch it with the script in hand, but I noticed, for instance, that the whole thread involving Poi Dog Pondering's Frank Orrall as "happy-go-lucky guy" is missing -- you know, where he's accosted by the unbalanced woman at GM Steakhouse and then apparently hit by a car. I'm pretty sure there's more that was cut. Pity, as Slacker is still the essential Austin movie and arguably the spore from which much of the Austin film scene grew.

If you're new to town, go rent Slacker ASAP. You'll see one layer deeper into the weird that is Austin.

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I wonder if preasure can be put on MGM to release the film again in DVD form. I think that is why D&C got released in a new format with lots of extras because of fan preasure.

J. M. Branum [jmb cxe jmbzine punkto com] • 2004.05.31
Perhaps coincidentally, I emailed a friend in Chapel Hill not too long ago about Slacker. I watched the movie on Bravo at a formative age, 14 or 15 and the movie left quite an impression on me. I posted a snippet of the email plus some more remarks on my blog.

J.M., Dazed and Confused has a pretty broad cult following, while Slacker's interest in probably limited to Austinites and cinephiles. Transfering film to DVD is not a cheap process, so I doubt MGM would bother to do a transfer solely on the basis of fan input. Criterion, on the other hand, specializes in making DVDs for the specialty market, and would perhaps better know how to market and distribute Slacker DVDs to enthusiasts than MGM. Finally, I'm thinking that if the movie is not available new in any format, either MGMs contract on the movie ran out and Linklater is renegotiating a home video deal or the movie is being remastered, etc. for rerelease on DVD and VHS.

McChris [chris cxe infobong punkto com] • 2004.05.31
I've heard rumors and confirmed recently with someone at Detour that Criterion,, is releasing it on DVD this fall.

ttrentham [todo cxe thechunk punkto com] • 2004.05.31
Woo hoo! Thanks, TT.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2004.05.31
No problem. In fact, here's the info,

It shows a release of August. Criterion always does super-deluxe versions for their releases. I'm really psyched as I've been waiting on the DVD release for a project that I've been wanting to do for a couple of years now. Stay tuned...

ttrentham [todo cxe thechunk punkto com] • 2004.05.31
Oops. Pasted twice.

ttrentham [todo cxe thechunk punkto com] • 2004.05.31
That movie was totally accurate to what it was like in Austin at the time. Fucking weird - and it was easy to survive on not very much money and so everyone had time to be weird, and since it was already the freak magnet of the state, that was very odd indeed. I'm sure it still is but I heard all the stuff about cost of living, computer invasion, etc. kind of messing up that vibe. It was like the Summer of Love never ended.

badgerbag [lizzard cxe bookmaniac punkto net] • 2004.06.01
p.s. Waking Life - so good!

badgerbag [lizzard cxe bookmaniac punkto net] • 2004.06.01
Badgerbag, Austin weird still survives, barely. It's more resilient than you think.

Every generation in Austin thinks of the time when it first arrived as a lost Golden Age and that the town has gone to hell in a handbasket since then. For people who got here in '78 like I did it was Raul's and the tail end of the Armadillo World Headquarters. I talked to people just a few years older who claimed that in the late 60's the whole area between UT and the capital was a giant hippie slum where you could rent a room for 40 bucks a month and a little tie-dying, macrame or casual dope dealing could keep you from ever needing a job job. According to this legend, the Lege got fed up with all the unwashed longhairs on its doorstep and deliberately chose that area to be condemned and replaced with state office buildings and parking lots. I don't know whether it's true but it makes a nice story.

Prentiss Riddle [riddle cxe io punkto com] • 2004.06.01
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