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Slacker is lacking

JM Branum notes that Dazed and Confused is coming out on DVD, but last I checked Slacker was still only only available on VHS. Amazon is even out of stock on that, although plenty of copies are available used.


What's more annoying is that the VHS version is abridged. I didn't watch it with the script in hand, but I noticed, for instance, that the whole thread involving Poi Dog Pondering's Frank Orrall as "happy-go-lucky guy" is missing -- you know, where he's accosted by the unbalanced woman at GM Steakhouse and then apparently hit by a car. I'm pretty sure there's more that was cut. Pity, as Slacker is still the essential Austin movie and arguably the spore from which much of the Austin film scene grew.

If you're new to town, go rent Slacker ASAP. You'll see one layer deeper into the weird that is Austin.

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