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Seu Jorge's aquatic Bowie

I saw The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou this afternoon (fun fun fun) and one of its many surprises is a bunch of David Bowie covers rendered in Portuguese by Brazilian musician and actor Seu Jorge. I don't know how they'll stand up on their own, but as used in the movie they're great. Jorge plays a crewmember who always seems to be perched in the crow's nest with his guitar at just the right moment for a little acoustic glam-samba.

I'm still scouring the web for MP3s to link to, but meanwhile here's a BBC piece on Seu Jorge. I didn't realize that he played Knockout Ned (Mané Galinha) in Cidade de Deus.

music 2004.12.25 link


O senhor Jorge's 2002 debut was already so impressively versatile - flowing 'tween the dub, the samba, and the hip hop without a seam - and is definitely $15 well spent. Now I'm aching even more to see Life Aquatic, if I could only get myself within 100 miles of a theatre.

Jeremy [Jeremy cxe betacorpo punkto net] • 2004.12.27
That's funny, because I recognized that the actor who played Knockout Ned in "City of God" was in "The Life Aquatic" and didn't know him as a musician. I'm not that up on current Brazilian musicians.

elizabeth • 2004.12.27
Seu Jorge also has a great song on the soundtrack for City of God: "Convite Para Vida."

alizinha [alizinha cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2005.01.16
Hey, can any of you guys hook me up on getting Seu Jorge's - Cur??. I just saw The Life Aquatic and I really enjoy the music that he plays.

ricardo [huevo111 cxe hotmail punkto com] • 2005.05.23
When I saw The Life Aquatic, I immediately fell in love with Seu Jorge's music. I had no idea he was the same person who played Knockout Ned, from Cidade de Deus. That just is icing on the cake of an amazing artist. However, the tracks available on the actual soundtrack don't include all the covers Jorge did. Anyone know if there might be another source for some of Jorge's other Bowie covers (that aren't on the soundtrack's CD)?

goodwin [obieze cxe yahoo punkto com] • 2005.06.24
The songs can be found on the second disc of the 2 disc special edition release of the movie. There are 10 track recorded live on location in different parts of the sets and outdoors. (If you're crafty and have the means, you can connect the DVD player to the mic on your PC, record as wave, edit fades, and the burn to disc, if you're crafty...)

fwelm [fwelm cxe earthling punkto net] • 2005.07.13
You could also use a DVD to MP3 converter then you'd have a perfect 'back-up' of the songs...

John Mackenzie [john punkto sdsgraphics cxe btconnect punkto com] • 2005.07.13
anyone know where i can get all off Jeu's Bowie tracks which are not on the Life Aquatic soundtrack?

brian [bskinner cxe gmail punkto com] • 2005.08.29
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